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Notice of the Spring Festival holiday

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First of all, thank you for your long-term support and love for the Awakening Alliance Network, The Big Love Network! Best wishes and greetings! In the new year, we will work harder to provide you with better service! According to the specific situation of the website, our Spring Festival holiday schedule is as follows:

February 11, 2020 official holiday, February 20, 2021 to return to normal, the holiday period suspended the website and all of its platform updates, if you encounter urgent problems you can send us an email, our overseas duty mailbox: jxzlm0086@gmail.com, domestic duty mailbox: xunqinbaoming0886@gmail.com Please understand the inconvenience.

In addition, during the outbreak, please do a good job of outbreak protection, and actively cooperate with the outbreak prevention and control policies in the region, together to spend a happy and detailed Spring Festival.

Awakening Alliance Network, Big Love Network in advance to you new year, I wish you a happy New Year, Everything goes well.

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