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Dear, loving

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Ask you a simple question:

How long has it been since you last returned home?


Last time, how long had you not been home?

Last time, how long did you not spend with your parents? Dear child? Even if you go to the movies together?

Last time, how long did you not take family photos with your parents? Year? Big year?

Last time, how often did you not have a full meal with your Chinese New Year's Eve parents?

Last time, how long did you promise your child's wish that it didn't come true?


Time flies, years go by,

The way home, right underfoot,

It's hard to get home,

I don't know how long it's been, quietly,

The last time has become countless next time.


Next time, I'll be home.

Next time, I will accompany my parents, my dear children.

Next time, I must take family photos and watch movies with my family.

Next time, I Chinese New Year's Eve, I'll go home.

Next time, dear, loving, baby, please understand me, we...

My dear, loving,

You grow up with me, I grow old with you,

In a hurry, I still love you.

My dear, loving,

The way home, right underfoot,

But we've changed from the last one to the next,

The road home is so hard.


My dear, loving,

Baby, I'm going home.

Dear parents, I'm going home.

Honey, love, we must go home,

the way home, counting the three hundred and sixty-five of a year,

The way home, how bumpy, how satisfied.


Looking forward, looking forward,

Before they know it, their faces are wrinkled,

The black hair on my head has turned to snow,

Colored memories have long been blurred, the rest of the memory has become gray,

I can't even remember you.

I don't even know how to call your name,

Dear child, I no longer want to call my mother and father,

Dear parents, I can't hear my mother and father any more.


My dear, loving,

Please forgive me, so shy,

Please forgive me, return like Hong's mood

The way home is at your feet.

The faith to go home, pure and precious, don't leave it easy,

Put down the fetters, put down the promise, put down everything you can't put down,

I want to go home, I am firm and confident, I must go home.


My dear, loving,

This Spring Festival, let's go home together,

No matter how far home you are, you can go home if you want to go back,

Don't let your child's promises be disappointed,

Don't let your parents' waiting become a cold meal,

Don't let your heart drift alone again.


My dear, loving,

Go home, we still love you deeply.

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