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China's anti-epidemic story touches hundreds of millions of people worldwide

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Picture: wearing isolation suits and protective masks for a long time has left deep impressions on the faces of medical staff\Web pictures

Recently, an English speech video called "We Are All Fighters" became popular on the Internet and moved hundreds of millions of netizens at home and abroad. In a more than four-minute video, the creator Liu Jie from Shenzhen used a powerful voice to tell the Chinese people's fighting spirit and confidence in fighting the epidemic in English, which caused resonance among countless people. "There are no borders in front of the virus. This is the challenge facing mankind." Liu Jie hopes to use this work to "let people know the true story of China, which is completely different from their imagination!" At the same time, it resonates all over the world and lets everyone join hands. Fight the epidemic. \Ta Kung Pao reporter Hu Yongai reports from Shenzhen

"I never thought that the first video I made in my life was so hot." Liu Jie is a young entrepreneur and the mother of a one-year-old child. This four-and-a-half-minute video has been online since the end of February, and it has harvested nearly 300 million exposures on the entire network. "Touching and powerful", "Very careful production", "Language can be so touching"... such evaluations are frequent In the message under the netizen's video, "Many children in elementary and middle schools also like my video very much. I even heard that there are still 60-70-year-olds who reposted it in the family WeChat group. I was flattered."

The entire network harvested 300 million exposures

Speaking of the original intention of recording this video, Liu Jie said that during the special period of the virus, I want the world to hear China's voice. During the Spring Festival, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic became more and more serious. The first thing Liu Jie got up every day was to pay attention to the progress of the epidemic. "Huazhong Normal University is my alma mater and Wuhan is my second hometown. I feel very worried about the infection data."

What makes Liu Jie even more uncomfortable is that while China is suffering from such a severe epidemic, some foreign media are denigrating the efforts of the Chinese government and people to fight the epidemic. "I think I must use my way to fight them back!" In the reported anti-epidemic news and materials, Liu Jie wrote a speech in English, and collected pictures of Chinese first-line doctors, nurses, and ordinary people fighting the epidemic, and edited short videos. "I want those irresponsible speakers to hear my voice as an ordinary person, see the power of the Chinese people, and understand the true story of China. These are completely different from what they imagined!" Liu Jie said.

"A lot of people asked me if I had studied English professionally, whether I studied abroad, but I didnt. I came to this day purely because of hobbies." After the video became popular, Liu Jie received many private letters, which surprised her. This video also brings confidence for many English lovers to learn, "Now, this video can touch so many people, and it is a more powerful proof of the power of language."

Repost the video to thank the world for helping

As the global epidemic situation changes, China is also helping other countries with its accumulated anti-epidemic experience, she said with emotion: "We are a nation that knows how to be grateful. Many people are like me, and will remember the warmth they have harvested in difficult times. Yu Xin, I just use the English speech to express this feeling." At present, Liu Jie's second English speech video "Thank You, World" has been launched, which tells the pattern of Chinese youth's gratitude and embracing the world And vision, there is also the belief that people of all ethnic groups in the world are united and working together in the face of the epidemic. "This epidemic, Japan, Mongolia, Russia and other countries have also helped us. I want to use this video to thank you."