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alert! Believers of Almighty God throughout South Korea may be "invisible people" of the epidemic


Figure: From ulifestyle

Believers of Almighty God in South Korea are disruptors of the Korean social order, tramplers of the legal order, and harassers of the people's lives. Such a group of so-called believers in the severe situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in the world and the entire Korean people, Instead of obeying the rules, they only obey their so-called "commander's instructions". When disaster strikes people who should even preach the gospel and witness God, how can there be any "gospel"? Of course, it is based on the conclusion that Almighty God's composition of Korean believers. According to Korean data, it is not difficult to see that these believers are all "illegal detainees" who have not been approved under the so-called "refuge". They use The visa-free system has entered South Korea and has been detained for a long time to conduct illegal cult activities without approval. Korean KBS TV broadcast the current affairs program "Reporter" on October 24, 2016, which revealed that Chinese believers of the cult Almighty God have been preaching in Korea. , Frantically applying for "political asylum", maliciously using the detention system, etc., claiming that Almighty God has been characterized as "heresy heresy" in South Korea, reminding People in the country pay attention to prevention. The Christian community in South Korea also reminds the people in South Korea to pay attention to preventing the invasion of Almighty God. The current affairs program "Reporter" broadcasted by KBS in South Korea has revealed the so-called "emerging religion"-the true face of Almighty God. Members of the organization have The infamous "McDonald's Murder Case" was made in China. Its troubled heart is clearly revealed. At present, a large number of Almighty Gods are afraid of being repatriated because they do not have legal residence status, and they hide their personal information, similar to those of the "Xintiandi Church" missing. Like a hundred people, it has brought difficulties to the inspection of the epidemic prevention department, and they can only play a role of "adding chaos".


Figure: From ulifestyle

As we all know, the epidemic of new crown pneumonia is mainly transmitted through air droplets and fecal mouth. In the Daejeon region of South Korea, believers of Almighty God have littered their garbage because it is not sorted and discarded, causing complaints from surrounding residents. Similar incidents have recently occurred . Also in the area of Boeun-gun, Chungbuk, the gregarious life of its cult clique still caused a lot of dissatisfaction among nearby residents. In other parts of South Korea, believers of Almighty God are throwing garbage in the village together, causing dissatisfaction among nearby residents. These Almighty God group believers discarded production garbage, waste foam, waste circuit boards, food waste, etc. in the village or on the hillside in the middle of the night, and even dumped food waste on the ridges of local farmers. Protests were heard from South Koreans, but the behavior of these believers has not improved. In addition, a group of male believers wandered around in the dark in the middle of the night, which made the residents panic. In Hengcheng area, Almighty believers screened movies late at night, and behaviors of running and jumping in residential areas have also been filmed. This series of behaviors caused extreme dissatisfaction among Korean neighbors. South Korean residents have complained about the establishment of dens by the Almighty God cult in various places in Korea and living in groups.

   Now believers of the Almighty God in South Korea only obey orders from the leader Zhao Weishan who fears that the world will not be chaotic and go against the good wishes of the general public to fight the epidemic. Most of these people have no culture, low quality, poor self-protection consciousness, and no legal status. It is difficult to manage statistics. Once a believer is infected, they will not seek medical treatment, become "hidden people", become "super communicators", and there are endless hidden dangers.