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News: The mayor of Seoul prosecuted the chairman of Xintiandi church for murder

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[Global Network Report] According to Yonhap News, Seoul City, South Korea, on the 1st prosecuted Xin Wandi Church Chairman Li Wanxi and others on charges of murder.

  According to reports, the Seoul municipal government prosecuted Li Wanxi and the tribe chiefs of the twelve tribes of the Central People ’s Supervision Office in Seoul on the afternoon of the 1st on the grounds of homicide, injury, and violation of laws related to the prevention and management of infectious diseases.

  According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the defendants refused virus testing, and the believers did not actively assist the epidemic prevention department to take measures. Instead, there were omissions or false records in the list of believers submitted to the government that hindered the work of the epidemic prevention department.

  The city of Seoul added that the defendant's behavior is a crime of homicide and injury in criminal law, and is suspected of violating the Law on the Prevention of Infectious Diseases.

  Regarding the Xintiandi Church related person that Li Wanxi has been tested, the city of Seoul said that it has not officially confirmed whether it has been tested.

Seoul City Prosecutes Chairman of Xintiandi Church for Murder

Seoul Mayor Park Won Chun

  On the morning of March 1, Seoul Mayor Park Yuan-chun posted an article entitled "Xintiandi Church President Li Wanxi as the core responsible person of this incident, please come forward to solve the problem immediately" on his Facebook account.

  Park Yuan-chun urged Li Wanxi and other Xintiandi church personnel to apologize to the people, and asked Li Wanxi himself and all Xintiandi church members to undergo immediate inspection and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention work.

  Park Yuan-chun also said that if the church does not take the necessary measures, the city of Seoul will file a lawsuit on charges of negligent homicide in accordance with the previous notice.

  Park Yuan-chun also shouted attorney general Yin Xiyue that arresting Li Wanxi is the role that prosecutors should play at present.

  The South Korean Central Epidemic Prevention Headquarters reported on March 1 that as of 4 p.m. local time on the 1st, local time, South Korea added 210 new cases of new pneumonia diagnosed at 9 a.m., with a total of 3736 cases.

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