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Luochuan's most beautiful girl is in Xi'an, touching the story character around him-Wu Yifan

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Picture / The most beautiful girl: Wu Yifan

On the morning of April 18th, an old man suddenly fainted to the ground while riding a bicycle. The young girl passing by started knee resuscitation and artificial respiration. Eventually the old man failed to rescue him, but the behavior of the kind girl warmed a city. Moved the hearts of many people in Xi'an.

On April 19, the China Business Daily reported on the front page and A04 page "Where are you, the old man fainted, girl kneeling, artificial respiration, kind girl?" On April 20, the China Business Daily front page and A04 version reported "Netizens like: you let "Xi'an is warmer", hoping to find this kind girl.

On the evening of April 21, a reporter from the China Business Daily contacted the girl. Yesterday morning, a reporter from the China Business Daily interviewed her exclusively. The girl's name is Wu Yifan. He is 24 years old and from Luochuan, Shaanxi. He had studied clinical medicine for three years in a college in Xi'an. After graduation, he did not engage in medical-related industries. An information engineering company in Chengbei went to work.

Girl: Saving people at the time was a very instinctive reaction

Wu Yifan, who was sitting in front of the reporter, was quiet and well-behaved, her long-haired shawl, and she had no tears before she spoke. She detailed the mental journey in the past few days, saying that she just did a very instinctive thing, did not expect to receive so much attention, she also hopes to resume the calm life in the past as soon as possible.

I really do nt think I m doing anything. At that time, saving people was a very instinctive reaction. The place where the old man fainted is the only way I go to work every day.

Wu Yifan: I think as long as I do nt show up, this matter may pass in a day or two. I do nt usually play with mobile phones. A lot of information is told by colleagues and family members around me. I really did nt expect that there would be so much. People are looking for me and caring for me.

China Business Daily: You have done a very good job in confidentiality, and no one around you has a voice. Is that what you mean?

Wu Yifan: I really do nt think I ve done anything. At that time, saving people was a very instinctive reaction. The place where the old man fainted was the only way for me to go to work every day. I thought I wouldn't say it. This happened in the past. Later, the company leaders learned about it from the Internet and recognized me. I didn't want to say it, so I asked the leadership colleagues to keep it secret for me. Later, the media has been reporting this incident. Some colleagues wanted to send a circle of friends, but I still rejected it.

China Business Daily: Why are you willing to stand up now?

Wu Yifan: A colleague forwarded me a small video of the elderly family pulling a banner to find me at the accident site. I could nt bear to see this scene. The old man passed away for a few days. The weather is so hot. The old man s behind may not have happened yet. After the treatment, my family still has so many important things to deal with, and I still have to stand in the sun every day to find me, so I struggled and hesitated for a long time in my heart, I felt that I should meet them, and I also want to comfort them face to face, just you I have also found me, and it has been a thing of the past few days.

I didn't even think about handing the bag directly to a strange boy next to me and knelt down for first aid. After the ambulance took the old man away, I was still in a hurry to go to work and took my bag to the company.

Wu Yifan: My home and work unit are on the Seventh Road of Fengcheng, and basically walk to work. I just saw that scene when I passed by at work that day. At that time, the old man had collapsed to the ground. I and some passers-by hurried up. The old man's face was a little bluish and the situation was not optimistic. I knew a little about medical knowledge and tried my best to do first aid first 'S aunt has called 120, and I tried my best, but the result is too regrettable. Later, I saw from the video that there were so many kind people gathered at the scene, and everyone was doing their best.

China Business Daily: What was the situation of the elderly when you were doing first aid?

Wu Yifan: I see on the Internet that the old man had dirt in his mouth at that time. I sucked it out and spit it out. This is not the case. At that time, I checked the old man s oral cavity, there was no dirt, but the gums were tightly bitten, and the lips and ears were blue I did nt feel my pulse, because the weather was hotter that day. I initially judged that it was either heat stroke or heart attack. 70% of them might be heart disease. I needed urgent CPR and artificial respiration. After spitting out some dirt, I quickly helped put the old man's head on its side.

China Business Daily: Was there anyone you knew at the scene?

Wu Yifan: No, I did nt even think about handing the bag to a strange boy next to me and knelt down to do first aid. After the ambulance pulled the old man away, I was still in a hurry to go to work, took my bag and went to the company. Later, I said to an older female colleague, "I saw an old man fainted on the road just now", did not say that I was on the spot first aid, and then sent a sentence to my cousin WeChat, "I was just on the road Rescued a fainted old man ", my cousin thought I was joking and joking with me. The next day my cousin saw the news from the Internet and he recognized the girl as me at a glance. In fact, a colleague saw photos and videos on the Internet that day and asked if the girl was me. I did not admit it. Later, things have been fermenting, and the company has also issued internal letters of praise, which can be regarded as an encouragement.

I did this thing out of instinct, the original intention was very simple, that is to save people, I did nt think much, I did nt think there would be so many people paying attention

China Business Daily: Do you still pass there after this incident?

Wu Yifan: After I arrived at the office that day, I ran business all day. The thing that the family members of the elderly asked me for was the video that my colleagues sent me. Then I kept thinking about it, and I did nt dare to see it. .

China Business Daily: What happened to the family after this incident?

Wu Yifan: I did this thing out of instinct, the original intention was very simple, that is to save people, did not think much, nor did I think there would be so many people concerned. So I did nt tell my family. Later, my cousin sent a news link to my family. My mother did nt recognize me at first. The family was relatively low-key. At the same time, out of protection for me, they kept the secret.

China Business Daily: Did nt you show up for a long time? Is it because of some negative voices on the Internet that you are worried?

Wu Yifan: If I encounter such a thing again, I will still do what I can for the first time. I do nt care about the awards and honors. There are various online reviews. I do nt use the Internet myself. Many netizens voices were told by my cousin and boyfriend, but they all encouraged me and said that I did well. What should be done.

Girl cousin: I know many people are looking for her, but I did nt show up to protect her

On April 22, accompanied by Wu Yifan to meet with reporters from the China Business Daily, her cousin Zhang Ning, "We grew up together. Since I was a child, I have basically lived in my aunt's house. We are not brothers and sisters than brothers and sisters." Wu Yifan said.

In Zhang Ning s eyes, this cousin who is two years younger than him is still a little girl who needs to be protected by an adult. I know that many people are looking for her, and I have never shown up. I just want to protect her. Everyone has their own. Views, although it is a very positive thing, there must be some different voices. She is only 24 years old. Our family does nt want to have an impact on her future life because of this. Zhang Ning said, cousin Most of them are kind and simple, they are easily moved, they cry easily, and now they show up, they really do nt want to see the elderly family keep looking for her when they are so sad.

Zhang Ning said that his cousin did this, and he was not surprised at all. "Maybe it is related to our family education. My grandfather is a soldier. My mother is a teacher and has a good reputation in the village. Both of us Since childhood, I have accepted the precepts and teachings of the older generation. After this incident, our family also discussed many times, and finally decided that the first is to protect her first, and then let it take its course according to the situation. "

During the interview, Wu Yifan has been repeating to reporters from the China Business Daily. Do nt just report her. It s not just her who showed positive energy that day, like an aunt who played 120, a short-haired girl who helped her tie her hair, a strange boy who helped her carry a bag, and a follow-up Her uncle who gave first aid to the elderly together ... are people of positive energy and kindness. "This thing also moved me deeply. It turns out that there are so many strange kind people around us and it feels very warm."

Chinese Business Daily reporter Xiao Lin

"The angel did his best to make everything a heavenly arrangement"

Elderly children bow down to express their gratitude to Wu Yifan

Yesterday morning, the fifth day of the old man s death, and the second day that the old man s three children searched for Wu Yifan at the accident site, they were still holding the banner Finding the most beautiful girl in Xian, and there was a sign next to it. Photos of saving people, and thanksgiving words written by the elderly's family.

"Being gracious if you are indifferent, you violate the principle of being a man"

"If the girl has not appeared, we will not take such measures. I think this is also a pressure for the girl, but I still hope to find her. This is also a wish of my mother. She said thank you. "Zhang Hu, the eldest son of the old man, said that the father and the third day after the incident happened, they hurried out banners and signs overnight, hoping to find the girl and say thank you in person," Benefited by others If you are still indifferent, it violates our principle of life. Looking for her just to express our family's gratitude in person, this is also my mother's wish, we will not disturb the girl's life, respect her ideas, and hope that she will be able to see her Contact us privately. "

Zhang Hu said that if the girl had other concerns because of some messages on the Internet, you do nt have to worry about it, "Father has checked out heart disease for more than a year and usually takes medicine with him. I do nt know what happened that day. The medicine is not on my body. In the past, the doctor said that the golden rescue time for a sick person is only a few minutes. "Zhang Hu said that this time when his father was sick outside, he was very guilty at first. He felt that if there was a family member with him, there might be hope. The video at the time of delivery was very grateful to the girl. From the time of his father s illness to his death, there was no delay in rescue. If I was by my side at the time, I could nt do the first aid like a girl.

Yesterday morning, after obtaining the consent of Wu Yifan, in a tea house in the north of the city, the three children of the old man saw the kind-hearted girl who had rescued his father. When the few people met and said nothing, they hugged and cried.

The three brothers and sisters of Zhang Hu first expressed their gratitude to Wu Yifan for their family, and talked about the situation of the old man during his lifetime, as well as the situation during the rescue on the day, "If you can't find you yet, thank you in person, our family will definitely I have always been thinking about it. My father appeared as an angel at the end of his life. The angel did his best and everything was arranged by God. If someone said something different in the back, our family would stand up and speak for the first time. "Hear the family Understanding the words, Wu Yifan couldn't help wiping her tears.

During the period, Zhang Hu took out a red envelope from his pocket, saying that this was before going out to see Wu Yifan. The mother gave them some thanks for transferring it to the girl. This is also the mother's heart. When hearing this, Wu Yifan said very gently, "I put the red envelope Accept it, leave a thought, but the things inside ca nt really be wanted. I did nt save my uncle for these things. You also said to your aunt that I received it. " When meeting, Wu Yifan has been comforting the children of the elderly, hoping that they will mourn, "Now take care of the aunt's emotions, pay attention to anything when you are older, don't get too violent in the morning, wake up and lie down for a while. When he was about to leave, Zhang Hu offered to take the initiative to express his gratitude to Wu Yifan and his two younger siblings to express their gratitude. At the moment of parting, several people clasped together again.

Chinese Business Daily reporter Xiao Lin

Guilty for failing to save the elderly girl

Girl mother: "You have done your best"

At 9 pm on April 21st, Yang Hua, Communications Officer of the Propaganda Department of Luochuan County Party Committee, told the Huashang Bao reporter that when he brushed his circle of friends on the morning of the 20th, he found a local good friend in Luochuan who wrote, "My cousin is too bull." "" And comes with a screenshot of the message that the girl saved people. "I asked my friend if this girl is from Luochuan? We got an affirmative answer from the other party." Yang Hua said that after knowing that the most beautiful girl who saved people on the streets of Xi'an was a local from Luochuan, she was also very excited. A good thing to promote the positive energy of society. " Then Yang Hua contacted and communicated with many parties and finally gained the trust of the girl and her family.

A reporter from the China Business Daily learned that Wu Yifan is from Luochuan, his parents are farmers, and he has a younger brother. The family s source of living mainly depends on a few acres of apple orchards. On the evening of the 21st, Wu Yifan's mother, Wang Junling, told the Huashang Bao reporter that it was not news of her rescue that was learned through her daughter. "My nephew is also working in Xi'an, and after finding out that the girl in the video is my daughter, he sent me WeChat." Wang Junling said that at the time she felt that her daughter had done a good deed, which is what she should do.

"But when I called her, the child's mood was very low. She felt guilty because she tried hard but failed to save the old man, and told me not to tell anyone about this. I comforted the child and said "You have tried your best", don't be too sad. "In Wang Junling's eyes, her daughter is very filial and obedient, and she has been an enthusiastic child since childhood. When she was in high school, she joined the school's caring society and helped others as much as she could.

Wu Yifan s father, Wu Genbao, said that her daughter went to university to study clinical medicine, but after graduation she was unable to find a counterpart job for various reasons. The family felt a bit regretful. "The daughter's act of saving people touched many people. As parents, we are also proud and proud, but I think this is a handy effort and something she should do."

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