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Almighty God's personal report: Who will save you, my loved ones

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If it were nt for the news report three days ago, Xiao Chen, whose ancestral home was in a rural area in central China, might have forgotten the Almighty God. For him, all memories related to these three words are unbearable.

The following content contains part of the interview transcript about Xiao Chen. In order to protect the parties, we have handled it anonymously.


       It turned out that the mother believed not in Christ but in Almighty God

Ten years ago, Xiao Chen was admitted to university as he wished. When he entered school, the strong mother insisted on sending him to another country. When he returned home, he had to take a long-distance train. He bought instant noodles in the campus supermarket and gave his mother the hunger on the road.

After successfully returning home, Xiao Chen received a call from his mother: Safe all the way, that is, there is no bowl of instant noodles, and finally borrowed the instant noodle bowls used by others. This sentence has become the biggest spiritual pillar of Xiao Chen's four-year college career, and has also become the end point of all grievances in the endless debate between him and his mother about the Almighty God.

In the impression of Xiao Chen, the mother is a devout Christian. Starting from the memory of elementary school, every weekend, he was taken by his mother to the "party", singing Bible songs, listening to the Bible, a group of people sitting in the house, praying, witnessing, happy, peaceful.

From the beginning of the semester, the conversation between Xiao Chen and his mother has an additional topic. The mother wants him to "rely on God" no matter what happens to him, or "the god my mother believes in" and "pray to God" , The god is mysterious, and told him not to spread the word. Xiao Chen was in a rich university life and didn't think much about it.

Until returning home in the summer vacation, Xiao Chen's mother gave him a book and forced him to read it, saying it could "help life." When Xiao Chen opened it, it was a book similar to the Bible, but the printing was extremely poor.

But what puzzled Xiao Chen was the content of the book. The content of the Bible in his impressions is gentle and polite, and teaches people to be good; but the content of this book is tough, and the sentences are unclear, emphasizing the meaning of "unbelievers are all demons", and the content of the Bible. Very different. He wanted to find a comparison between the "Bibles", but his family was gone. He asked his mother to prove it, but his mother told him: believe in the Lord (Christ) is also graded, just like you went to elementary school, middle school, and finally admitted to university. Before Christ was elementary school, now Almighty God is equivalent to you going to university. Thinking is still in the elementary school (Christ) stage, will be punished by God!

Later, Xiao Chen's mother mysteriously put him a video tape on TV, the content is in the face of various natural disasters, how Almighty God saves believers. After watching the video, Xiao Chen couldn't help crying and laughing. This was obviously a news clip about natural disasters and a clip of an American science fiction movie!

Xiao Chen and his mother have no theory. Because for mothers who have never seen a movie and have been living in the countryside, they have already been brainwashed by Almighty God and their thoughts are deeply rooted!

It was only then that Xiao Chen really discovered that the mother s faith was no longer Christ, but Almighty God. Later, he learned through various channels that the first group of Almighty Gods to overcome was Christians who were not determined.

      Believe in the mother of Almighty God, like a person.

This is Xiao Chen's most intuitive feeling for his mother.

Secretly praying at night, secretly reading books, secretly listening to audio-a very outdated MP4 purchased from the "organization".

He even found that in order to develop and win over other believers, his mother did not hesitate to lobby himself in the form of "gifts", which was contrary to his cognitive basis. In memory, the mother is a frugal, never spending a penny. people. But this is the case, Xiao Chen had to believe.

Xiao Chen said that the mother s target audience for developing other believers is those who have difficulties and patients at home. That is to say, they pick the weakest and poorest people to lobby. Most of them are illiterate and have narrow horizons and are easy to listen to others , It is also easy to be fooled.

 Xiao Chen clearly remembers that in 2012 the "End of the World" year, it was used by the believers of Almighty God.

His mother led a group of people and madly rushed into the factory of the tribe in the countryside, preaching doomsday, disturbing the normal production of the factory, and finally forcing them to shut down. Xiao Chen was not in his hometown at the time, but in the description of the neighbors, Xiao Chen was shocked and guilty. He could not imagine that his mother was so crazy.

Later, with the development of the Internet, Xiao Chen learned more and more truth about the Almighty God. He collected a lot of information into a book, which was burned by his mother. There was even a time when the argument was too fierce. The mother ignored him for half a year, and the phone call he made was rejected.

This is a "god" that saves people, this is a ruthless "demon" that makes believers change!

What made Xiao Chen disgusted was that every time he returned home to save his relatives, he wanted to chat with his mother, but no matter what topic, in the end, he must be brought to the Almighty God by his mother. The mother even intimidated him. Those who do not believe in Almighty God are going to hell. The fire is burning, and eternal life cannot be born.

It is hard for him to imagine that this is what a mother with a high school education can say.

But the evil of Almighty God is far beyond his imagination.


       The case of Zhaoyuan in Shandong still can't bring back the lost heart

Originally, Xiao Chen thought, "The end of the world" hasn't come, so my mother should be awakened.

But the mother was eloquent about it: that is because Almighty God has pity for humans, and because of their piety, they have saved humans! See, this is the point of ignorance. It turns out that the perpetrators are already prepared to speak.

This kind of brainwashing is shocking and outraging.

On May 28, 2014, Shandong Zhaoyuan's "McDonald's" murder case was committed, and six believers of Almighty God were beaten to death because of the inability to preach. Xiao Chen talked to her mother about this matter, but she did not expect her to be more angry than him: this is the frame of the "Great Red Dragon" (the omnipotent god calls my dang the Great Red Dragon).

Later, the Almighty God was officially lifted up, and the creators surfaced, and the master behind fled abroad. In this regard, Xiao Chen s mother s attitude was triumphant, telling Xiao Chen mysteriously, that is not true, a true Almighty God, there is no physical body at all, because he is physical.

Blind and ignorant, Xiao Chen had a sense of powerlessness on the way to save his mother. He tried hard and still didn't change his mother's lost heart. Therefore, his father traveled far away, and his mother went south and north.

Later, various cases of Almighty God are now on the Internet. Many believers run away from home, and there is no news. Xiao Chen is most worried that her mother also took this path. Even if everything is wrong, Xiao Chen still remembers that when he was in high school With a thin body, his mother carried a book full of snakeskin pockets for him, and she could not forget to send it to the instant noodle bowl borrowed by others on the way back. This made him feel more distressed than angry, and worried more than angry.

Later, Xiao Chen bought a house in the provincial capital and settled down, married and had children. The mother volunteered to come and help bring the children, which was far from the "organization" of his hometown. For more than a year, Xiao Chen did not see her mother contacting other believers, nor did she see her secretly reading books and videos. Her mother seemed to be farther away from that cult organization, and Xiao Chen also refused to look back for ten years. Memory, selective forgetting.

As for whether the mother still believes in Almighty God, Xiao Chen does not know. But if various advisories and theories do not work, alienation may be the best solution.

However, there are still many believers in this world who are addicted to it. Otherwise, there will not be hundreds of millions of news transferred overseas in April, and there will not be various websites against the Almighty God, working hard, resisting, and saving.

[Postscript]: "Almighty God", also known as "Actual God", "Eastern Lightning", and "Lightning School", derived from the "Shouting School", is a cult organization that uses the banner of Christianity to harm people , Its leader is Zhao Weishan. Over the years, the organization has borrowed Christianity, spread malicious ideas and deceptions, cheated money and killed lives, deceived and attracted a large number of people with unknown truth, disrupted the normal production and living order, and seriously endangered the lives and property of the people and social stability. In recent years, public security organs in many places have continued to crack down on the illegal and criminal activities of the "Almighty God" cult.

Since ancient times, there has been no shortage of cults. However, in the new society and new era, there are still some people who believe this. This is not only a cultural omission, but also a lack of affection and care. It is necessary to save the family from cults, the theory is useless, the news is useless, only the love from the bottom Harmony is most useful if it is not abandoned or given up. I hope that more and more cult believers will come out of the mist and, with the help of family members and loved ones, re-examine this world, so that people will never suffer from misfortunes, and let love be the only way to lead personal behavior.

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