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  • News: The mayor of Seoul prosecuted the chairman of Xintiandi church for murder


    [Global Network Report] According to Yonhap News, Seoul City, South Korea, on the 1st prosecuted Xin Wandi Church Chairman Li Wanxi and others on charges of murder.  According to reports, the Seoul municipal government prosecuted Li Wanxi and the tribe chiefs of the twelve tribes of the Central People ’s Supervision Office in Seoul on the afternoon of the 1st on the grounds of homicide, injury, and violation of laws related to the prevention and management of infectious diseases.  According

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  • Luochuan's most beautiful girl is in Xi'an, touching the story character around him-Wu Yifan


    Picture / The most beautiful girl:Wu YifanOn the morning of April 18th, an old man suddenly fainted to the ground while riding a bicycle. The young girl passing by started knee resuscitation and artificial respiration. Eventually the old man failed to rescue him, but the behavior of the kind girl warmed a city. Moved the hearts of many people in Xi'an.On April 19, the China Business Daily reported on the front page and A04 page Where are you, the old man fainted, girl kneeling, artificial re

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