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Almighty God believers, forged passports to leave the country, were arrested at U.S. airports.

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Core Tip: In recent years, Almighty has operated a professional visa team that instigates believers to use forged passports to travel abroad, some of whom are found and arrested when they enter the United States. Today we are watching the german-American incident together.

Believers who go abroad by forging passports are proud to take photos with their lawyers.

Yu Demei, born in 1976, Liaoning, is the head of the Almighty Theology in southwest China.

Cult Almighty New Faithful female believers from Liaoning, China, the real name is Yu Demei, first used the real identity of Jeju Island visa-free opportunity to go to South Korea, January 24, 2017, from South Korea again to the United States Michigan, with a fake passport was seized by U.S. Customs, identity was revealed, and then arrested by U.S. police.

She said that after her disguised identity was revealed, she admitted that she was a believer in the Almighty Church and the Eastern Lightning.

Since then, he has been transferred to trial and lost in the first instance. The U.S. Immigration And Drug Eyre Commission (BIA) appealed, but the Immigration Department also informed the repatriation of the country, again with an emergency counter-claim to postpone the repatriation.

Currently, there are more than 1,000 fake refugees among the adherents of the Almighty God Group in South Korea. Illegal stayers also make up the majority. In addition, there is a need to investigate whether there are believers operating with false certificates and identity cards.

All kinds of illegally spreading Almighty New Idea groups, including the lord Zhao Weishan and his mistress Yang Shangbin, and their son Zhao Ming, fled to the United States as forged passports.

This technique seems to have been passed on to the faithful throughout the church community.

In 2018, within the Almighty Group, which helped issue tourist visas by falsifying certificates, the Almighty Church Visa Group was discovered by Chinese mainland police and sentenced to criminal punishment by china's local judiciary.

This has clearly formed a professional scale, with domestic and foreign travel agencies or organizations helping them. There are also professional intermediaries and illegal judicial clients when applying for false pretences against refugees.

The use of fake refugee applications to disrupt the order of refugee policy, illegal political sponsorship, real estate chaos and illegal contacts with other funds to undermine the governance of local governments has not only been deeply involved in anti-Government political activities, but has also fooled the operations of entry and exit airports with forged certificates and identity cards.

The illegal forgery of passports by the Almighty God Group needs to be investigated.

Bitter WINTER, the mouthpiece of the All-Powerful New Idea Group, has attracted attention by publishing personal data about the above-mentioned virtue and the fact that he forged his passport.

The forgery of identity seriously interferes with the order of entry and exit, which is a serious problem of illegal crime, which needs to be paid attention to by the judicial department, and the act is severely investigated and punished, and those who try the law will eventually be severely punished by the law.

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