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"Almighty God" Yang Xiangbin ordered the production of false persecution witness video, next spring, China

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(The believer in the picture above came to South Korea in 2008 and met with the author in Kyusan, Seoul, from 2013 to 2014; but claimed to have been suppressed in 2013 and false testimony)

Almighty God believers post false forced testimony on the Internet.

Almighty believers to witness false persecution (Photo: Google Search)

On August 2nd Yang Shangbin, the head of China's Almighty Theotheon, ordered that video of witnesses who had been falsely forced to confess to repression be uploaded more frequently on the Internet.

Yang Xiangbin said in the August 2 work order that in today's disaster, evil human beings will be destroyed. They speak very happy, very comfortable, even a large amount of space also let the Internet upload witness cases.

The work order states that the disaster will now grow. The evil human being who blocked the almighty, Yang Zhibin, will be destroyed... Well, the heart is happy and comfortable... Almighty God has been passed down in the struggle against Satan. The good people rejoiced and praised God's justice.

"Now is the time to witness and praise God's righteousness. Those who sincerely believe in God and love the truth are witnesses, and those who can't write can write. This should be made into witness movies and videos and uploaded to the Internet so that many people know that they chose the man who God won in the last world. This is the best testimony.

Recently uploaded "Brand" and "Happy in Pain" two films, online has been well received by the well-liked. The two films echo each other, the first of which is a testimony of persecution, and the other is a testimony of the history of salvation.

"The countries of the world have become nihilists, rickety and soon to fall. The end was soon in sight. Soon, it will collapse in God's Word.

"What I'm asking for is loyalty and shunfu... You have to give everything you have... I punish you also so that you can bear witness to me. testify for me. "

In fact, there is more evidence that the forced and witnessed videos they uploaded were fake and a manipulative drama.

In 2008, the family came to South Korea and were granted permanent residency, according to a false witness I met in 2013. The reason for believing in Almighty God is also because the disease has healed.

The family said they came to South Korea in 2008 and then in September 2013 after falsely claiming to have been persecuted in China in testimony published on the Almighty Website.

From 2013 to 2014, he met with the author at the Kyusan All-Powerful All-In-One Group in Seoul.

The meeting between the author and his followers continued until 2014 in the Almighty Seminary collective building in Seoul's Kyusan district. She campaigned under a name.

I made her face public on the websites of most Almighty Jessinta groups, including Google, so I also posted photos and videos in the hope that she would not be confused by their false persecution and testimony.

Almighty NewManus Yang Zhibin, she falsely said that by next spring, Chinese mouth will die 800 million!

Claimed to be Yang Xiangbin in Linzhou.

On July 15, 2020, Yang Shangbin, the Almighty New God, said he had predicted the present disaster from 30 years ago and had no hesitation in saying that by next spring, 800 million of China's 1.4 billion people would have died.

In a July 15 decree, she predicted the present disaster, saying she had been working as a god since 1992. So, it wasn't God before, but suddenly it became God's identity.

"There was a disaster in 2020. God predicted disaster 30 years ago.

Since 1992, she has worked as an official god, and she has been completely deified.

"What is the purpose of the disaster?" First, let people know the truth and return to the Almighty God. The second reason is that we are sending disaster to China to punish the evils who disrupt and disrupt God's work.

Although there is a plague in every part of the world, china alone is the worst affected. There are 20 million fewer mobile phone users in China, so why don't they use them? It was because of "COVID-19" that he died. Everyone who dies from the plague is the one who uses his cell phone.

(China has 20 million fewer mobile phone users, so why don't these people want cell phones?) People or all have to use mobile phones, unless old, will not use, young people are using, China's mobile phone users suddenly reduced by 20 million, these mobile phone phones all of a sudden where, if these people did not die how not to use mobile phones, that is likely to be the plague died, that is 20 million ah, that some people say, the plague died not all with mobile phones ah? Yes,)

"When a warm epidemic hits, 10 percent die, but when famine strikes, the mortality rate is 99 percent. Now, this is the beginning of China's punishment. China's disaster is great, a lot. All kinds of temperature stations are coming. Pace shut up, too, and the Black Death came... This time, 800 million people died in China. Between the end of this year and next spring, 800 million people died.

(China's disaster, several kinds of plagues are coming, plague is also coming, Black Death also came, China this time to die 800 million people, this year to the end of the year, to the beginning of spring next year, to die 800 million, China has to reduce by more than half ah, minus more than half ah, to really die 800 million, that city people left sporadic, no one lived in the house, no one drove, the countryside all into the city, driving all live in the city house, dead red dragon began to see?

But as things stand, Yang's prediction is a false statement.

The false incitement of the Lord, the long-term demagoguery of believers, such self-deception and disinformation, so that a group of people without a bottom line to do absurd things no longer offline, this is the nature of the evil cult.

Here the author solemnly reminded that the cult of a trick deep like the sea, ten years of life and death two vast.

The article is translated from Korean, reprinted please indicate the place of content.

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