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The US State Department used the "Falungong" and "Almighty God" and other cult tools to hold the "Third Ministerial Conference on Religious Freedom" to forcefully interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

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President Trump holds the Bible in front of St. John's Church. White House

1. American tricks

The US State Department announced that it will hold a "Meeting of Ministers Promoting Religious Freedom" in Warsaw, Poland, from July 14 to 16, to promote religious freedom. It is said that North Korean refugee groups will also participate.

In addition, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in September that the International Federation of Religious Freedoms (IRF) was officially established.

The United States is trying to use China's pseudo-religion "Falungong," "Almighty Protestants," and "North Korean refugee groups."

2. Pseudo-religious groups that destroy families shout for religious freedom?

Religious freedom is the most basic principle of mankind. Therefore, in the constitutions of most modern countries, "every citizen has religious freedom." This is the basis for the legal treatment of religion. However, in order to apply religious statutes in the Constitution, we must proceed from the assumption that the applicable object itself is "religion", but it is difficult for the law to define religion. However, if a certain religion seeks to be protected by the constitutional religious statutes, the court You can at least ask about its "loyalty", although it will not judge whether it is "religious." For example, if you claim to be a religion of belief in systemic chemistry and live a very fast life unrelated to the doctrine, then you will never It will be called "faithful." It is not a religion, but a "fraud" of faith. In this case, the constitutional religious regulations will not apply.

Usually, it is called "pseudo-religion" based on objective facts. This is more a form of religion than formal religion, but its negative impact on society is profound. This is why it is called a pseudonym.

As far as "Falungong" and the Almighty New Church are concerned, believers Li Hongzhong and Yang Xiangbin are Adventists and founders, respectively. This is a group of perpetrators of anti-human rights, who have caused suspicion of society because of severance, murder, assault, loss of control, divorce, forgery of refugees and illegal immigration, and have therefore been declared a "false religion".

This means that these groups will participate in a religious forum called the International Union for Religious Freedom, which has been led by the United States since 2018. why?

3. Anti-human rights and anti-human rights groups declare religious freedom

Falun Gong (Falun Gong) and Almighty Protestants Lihongzhi (Lihongzhi) and Yang Xiangbin (Yang Xiangbin)

The damage caused by Falun Gong and Almighty Protestants is enormous. There are many families in Patan or Patan Ilo, and the life and death cannot be determined because the runner loses contact. They disguised themselves abroad and engaged in underground activities as illegal immigrants. Even at this time, many family victims who have lost their families have been crying, they talk about human rights.

Wrong, Falun Gong and Almighty Protestants are anti-human rights organizations that destroy many families, but they are people who trample on human rights. We cannot solve human rights issues, nor are we qualified.

Unfortunately, certain specific pseudo-religions known as the "World Religious Freedom Contest" are involved in activities dealing with human rights, religious issues and defectors. 

4. Aim to use cult tools to interfere in other countries' internal affairs

In July 2019, Trump met with Falun Gong followers in the White House office. White House

The first article of the US Constitution states: "The Federal Parliament cannot enact legislation prohibiting nationalization or exercising religious freedom." In other words, the Constitutions religious regulations focus on the freedom of non-ethnic churches and religions. Freedom is guaranteed.

As mentioned above, the Constitution is the governing principle of each country, which contains provisions on religion. According to its content and principles, each religion can legally engage in religious activities within its own legal framework. In addition, all religious groups are required to defend themselves and pursue maturity.

By the way, why? Has the "World Religious Freedom Contest" led by the United States convened a "psychological and religious" group from China and planned an international event? This is contrary to the principle of political separation, that is, there are many unconstitutional elements, which can only be regarded as the use of pseudo-religion to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

This is a mean method of using pseudo-religious groups to fight global hegemony 1 and 2.

5. Non-mainstream groups without mainstream influence regard internal conflicts as international issues-PR strategy

There are more than 1,000 fake and forged refugee applicants in South Korea for followers of the fake religion Falun Gong and the Almighty Protestant group. Most believers have applied for fake refugees.

This is a social problem, which disrupts the order of refugees by using the Refugee Law to destroy real refugees. Many group believers remain in South Korea as illegal immigrants. They are engaged in illegal activities and stayed for a long time.

The reason why these groups try to reach the international stage with the support of the United States is a strategy to promote the purpose of mission by promoting the issue of internal conflicts, diluting the status of the problem. 

6. Conclusion

Since 2018, the United States Department of State has issued a statement every time it concludes the "International Religious Freedom" forum. However, this is just a non-binding empty statement. It's just a waste of blood.

Attempts by politicians to use religion are dangerous. This also violates the Constitution. In particular, it is naive for anti-government pseudo-religious acts to act as maids and interfere in the internal affairs of another country. It should stop here!

The manuscript comes from a foreign media translation, please understand the shortcomings of the time!

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