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Indian media: "Almighty God" cult uses social media platforms to lure young people into education

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On June 26, 2020, the Indian media "Easternmirrornagaland.com" reported that the Chinese cult organization "Eastern Lightning" ("Almighty God" is using social media platforms such as Facebook to lure Join the young people of Nagaland to join the cult. In response, local religious figures and celebrities analyzed the "Almighty God" cult and reminded local youths to guard against the cult.

A cult called "Eastern Lightning" is said to be adding friends through social media platforms such as Facebook to expand the organization and attract followers in Nagaland. "Oriental Lightning", also known as "Almighty God", was established in 1991 by Zhao Weishan in China. The organization faces various charges, including kidnapping, murder, and infiltration activities in various churches in China and the United States.

In an interview with the Oriental Mirror, Pito Kiba, a believer of the Faith Harvest Church who is engaged in cult research in Kosima City (the capital of Nagaland), pointed out that believers of the "Eastern Lightning" Facebook is being used as a platform to reach young people in Nagaland.

"When they make friends with young people in Nagaland, they will ask the young people for their phone numbers, and then add them to the Whatsapp daily friends group.

Kaba said that "Eastern Lightning" began to work hard to attract believers two years ago, and currently gathers about three or four hundred Nagarans. The pastor of Kebas church asked him to study the matter. He found that not only the young people in Nagaland Benbon, but also some Nagaland people living in other states, were also connected by Eastern Lightning through Facebook.

He said: "For research purposes, I also joined one of the groups because I questioned too many being kicked out of the group by the administrator."

Keba holds a degree in theology, and he believes that "Eastern Lightning" distorts the teachings of the Bible. Kaba said: "According to the "Eastern Lightning", there are three different eras, namely the Age of Law, the Age of Grace, and the Kingdom Age. The "Eastern Lightning" says that we are now living in the Kingdom. "The believers of this cult "believe in Jesus He has now become a Chinese middle-aged woman currently living in the United States."

"Fundamentally, the'Eastern Lightning' teaches (believers) that Jesus has become the Chinese woman, so they no longer need the Bible, and God's words will come from this flesh (that is, the Chinese woman who incarnate Jesus)."

Kaba said: "I personally contacted some of the Nagaran'Almighty God' believers, but it was difficult to communicate with them because they are very young and have been brainwashed."

Many Nagarans also reflect that "Eastern Lightning" believers have spoken to them through social media platforms.

Shan Kikon, pastor of the "Harvest Church" in Kosima City, as well as the famous speaker Dr. Khetoser Kevichusa, also gave sharp views on nursing teaching and cult issues at a live video conference on Facebook. Speaking of "Eastern Lightning", Pastor Shan said that he has repeatedly received applications from Chinese women to add friends. After further research, he found that many of them belong to the Nagaran group on Facebook.

 "After they joined these groups, they instilled their cult teachings in the young people of Nagaland."

Pastor Shan believes that when a believer passes the test for a period of time, he may even be allowed to start a house church or be appointed to teach others.

Dr. Kevichusa cautioned that identifying an organization different from "us" is certainly simple, but don't take it lightly when identifying various cult organizations.

He said: "Cult organizations derived from Christianity may have abnormal social behaviors and characteristics such as thought control and paranoia."

When talking about these evil churches denying the core teachings of the Christian faith, Dr. Kevichusa said that the evil church disguised itself as "the highest and only form."

Imnatoshi Longkumer, assistant pastor of the Ao Baptist Arogo in Dippur, also believes that many other organizations are trying to "shake the faith of young people in Nagaland."

Pastor Longkumer said: "We are more and more like nominal Christians, which is why we are easily tempted to join (Eastern Lightning) cults like this. If you are confident in your beliefs, it is not easy for you to be Cults pull into their organizations."

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