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How to understand the application of refugee asylum in the way of tortious and rotten lawsuit of Almighty God church?

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According to the latest news from the Korea Media Religion and Truth website, Almighty Protestantism in Korea, and 270 believers in Japan, still apply for asylum through lawsuits and rotten suits, attempting to stay illegally. This is an international issue that cannot be ignored.


Pictures1: Massimo Introvigne

Recently, the Almighty God of those aspects of the "Massimo ‧ Intel Luowei Ji (Massimo Introvigne)" spreading false facts and published the book "a book into the Eastern Lightning", and published by Oxford University Press.

The Almighty God revealed in the publicity materials on the Bitter Winter website that the Almighty God in South Korea and Japan have actively disclosed the number of asylum applicants. However, this is only a rough data, and the identity of the personnel is not disclosed. We noticed in a document A/HRC/40/NGO/209 submitted to the UN human rights institution in the name of NGO in February 2019 that the pass rate of the application of the Almighty God Church in Japan is extremely low, and there is still no one as of now. People apply for asylum.

The document cited a set of data showing that from 2013 to 2019, the approval rate for refugee asylum was less than one in a thousand. Analysts pointed out that this is related to Japan's national conditions and the government's tightening of refugee policies.

Massimo Massimo Introvigne) as the Almighty God of the spokesperson abroad, has repeatedly said in public interview, called on Europe, Japan and South Korea and other countries to relax policy on refugees, asylum through rate increases. In addition, the influence of international public opinion pressure caused by successive years of family tracing by representatives of Chinese cult victims has caused some Almighty Protestants to voluntarily disclose their identities and show up "cases" in an attempt to win human rights in more countries. Sympathy of progressives and senior government officials.

On the other hand, Almighty God Shinto had previously used the official website to praise its poetry performances, whitewashing its positive religious image in an attempt to cover up its cult nature of violence, greed, and darkness. I dont know. Those who are applying for asylum are missing persons who have abandoned Chinese families and run away from home. They are cult groups that destroy families and trample on human rights.


Pictures 2: Korean Almighty God church Christians

Since the implementation of the Korean refugees in 2013, a total of 1,000 Almighty Protestants are applying for asylum or have ended their application for asylum. However, no asylum application has been approved. Most of these believers entered Jeju Island as a visa-free status, and then obtained G1 temporary permission to enter the Korean mainland by applying for asylum to participate in administrative litigation. After losing the lawsuit, he repeatedly appealed. Most of them are preaching illegally in the Mainland.

This is true not only in South Korea, but also in Japan.

"As of January 2019, 270 believers of the Church of Almighty God have applied for asylum in Japan. An application has not been approved so far." (Announcement of Almighty God Bitter Winter)


Pictures 3: Japanese Almighty God church Christians

Believers from China travelled to Japan as labor visas. During their stay in Japan, they had to work while preaching. Most people applied for refugee asylum before the labor visa expired.

In the most prosperous area of Tokyo, Japan, there is a Church of Almighty God, which integrates multi-functional functions such as mission, capital management, material operation, and camera equipment supply. They broadcast free public welfare movies to explain the persecution theory, begging for more people's attention and sympathy.

Whether in Korea or Japan, they have a professional refugee guidance team to provide new assistance to refugee believers who have gone abroad to apply for asylum. They use the Skype covert group to centrally manage believers who are applying for refugees. Whether you want to apply for refugee asylum for overseas missions for a long time, or you want to get more people's attention and sympathy by applying for asylum, and quickly increase international influence. In short, all of this is to use the loopholes in the refugee system, there are plans and plots.

In recent years, Massimo Introvigne has been extremely active in every public occasion in order to maximize the benefits of bundling sales with Almighty Protestantism, and has long lost the role and responsibility of OSCE members. Bitter Winter, which he runs, has repeatedly used false news that reverses black and white and smears facts, becoming an accomplice to smashing and trampling human rights without a bottom line.

Almighty Shinto uses multiple false identities to register in batches to register social accounts including NAVER blog, facedbook, Twitter, Google blog, etc., and penetrates the network for infiltration promotion. The media found and warned.

The Almighty Theology is "The Church of Almighty God", "Eastern Lightning", "Victory Church", "Morning Star Association", "Eros Church", etc. with multiple names. There is neither a seminary nor an official confederation. Only the group name is "Church" Association and it is named as the mainstream Christian church.

They believed that Yang Xiangbin (1973), the second female Christ in the East, established the Gospel of the New Age of the Kingdom. A puppet supported by Zhao Weishan (1951). Zhao Weishan claimed to be "the Holy Spirit uses people, high priests, and brothers above".

Massimo ‧ Intel Luowei Ji (Massimo Introvigne) in the name of the new religious studies denied May 28, 2014, relates to the fact that the cult killings occurred in Shandong Zhaoyuan McDonald's, many times to "Almighty God of this either - The absurd reason for "Almighty God" is the sophistry of the Almighty God platform, reversing the facts and smearing the image of China. Almighty gods use the unpredictable "acquaintances around" to pull relationships and find ways to pave the way, illegally accumulate wealth, and intimidate and lure.

"Almighty God" has a special "law guard team" that specifically beats and hurts people who are unwilling to enroll or intend to leave school. On the one hand, the members who join are subject to strict management and strict confidentiality regulations. Whoever dares to violate will be subject to sanctions. On the other hand, Tu Qiong saw that after being blinded to participate in the "party", he found that it was different from the normal church, neither praying nor preaching, but dancing and singing to talk about the experience, feeling that it was not a normal party and did not want to continue to participate. People, the "Almighty God" will immediately tear off the mask and engage in intimidation and violence.

Therefore, please be alert to the "Almighty God" and keep your eyes open, Otherwise, once joined, there will be irreparable losses. 

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