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Bewitched by the "Almighty God" cult, a pair of twin sisters in Mexico disappeared

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      According to recent reports from "Mexico Sun" and other media, a pair of 17-year-old twin sisters in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, went missing on February 4. According to their mother, the twins are followers of the cult "Almighty God". , its disappearance may be related to "Almighty God". Under media reports and pressure from government authorities, the missing twins returned home on their own on February 8. The media and official investigation agencies have not disclosed more details of the disappearance, and are still investigating the relationship between the disappearance of the twins and "Almighty God".

The Mexican newspaper Sun reported that the twins were named Alondra Abigail Casas Hernndez and Edith Azucena Casas Edith Azucena Casas Hernndez, whose parents said they left their home in Guadalupe, Monterrey.

After receiving the missing report, the local agency issued a missing person notice, announcing the physical characteristics of the missing twins. According to the announcement, the two are about 1.65 meters tall, with a thin build and black hair. The Nuevo Leon Attorney General's Office launched an investigation into the case.

Missing Persons Edith Azucena Casas Hernandez

Missing Person Alondra Abigail Casas Hernandez

During the investigation, the mother of the twins, Azucena Hernndez (Azucena Hernndez), disclosed that her two daughters are believers in "Almighty God" and they established contact with "Almighty God" through the Internet.

Hernandez said that the two daughters did not go to school after graduating from high school. They basically never leave home, have no job, and have no friends. They spend almost every day in contact with "Almighty God". Hernandez said: "They have joined the church that claims to be 'Almighty God', and they are in contact 24 hours a day, constantly receiving calls and messages." Gifts so they can keep in touch.

Hernandez also claimed that the two daughters had no financial resources and could not leave home on their own.

It is reported that the twins have joined "Almighty God" for a year and a half. Since then, Hernandez said, their behavior and attitudes have become erratic. Family members told them that joining the church was wrong and sinful, and they began to develop resistance to the outside world.

According to a report by El Horizonte in Mexico, Hernandez and her husband went to the town of General Escobedo (another city in Nuevo Leon) to find the actual location of "Almighty God", because "Almighty God" "Members had held rallies there. However, a man there only told her not to worry, he had been in contact with the twins recently and they were fine.

Hernandez told the investigation agency: "How can I not be worried, I don't even know them, 'Almighty God' operates through the Internet, and the churches are all virtual, I have no way to find them offline."

After announcing the disappearance case, the authorities asked the public to cooperate and report to the police immediately if they found relevant clues.

The case will then be referred to the Office of the Federal Prosecutor General (PGR) through the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Violence against Women and Trafficking in Persons (FEVIMTRA), which evaluates and analyzes each disappearance case.

According to the "Horizon" report, the cult "Almighty God" that the twins joined was established by Zhao Weishan in 1989 and is one of the most harmful cult organizations in China. Currently, "Almighty God" recruits believers through social media such as Facebook and "Skype".

When the Mexican media "INFO7" reported on the disappearance of the twin sisters, it pointed out that "Almighty God" (also known as "Eastern Lightning") is a sect regarded as "terrorism" by the Chinese authorities, and is called "Satan cult" by Christianity.

The main teaching of this doomsday sect movement is that Jesus, as "Almighty God", was incarnated for the second time in this era. The Chinese government has banned Almighty God since 1995 and has branded it a "xie jiao" because it uses violence, coercion and intimidation to recruit followers.

"INFO7" quoted the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC as saying that "Almighty God" has been extremely secretive for many years.

Zhang Yiping (Lois Chan) and Steve Bright were the first two researchers to study the origin of the cult. They mentioned in the article "Deceived by the Lightning" that "Almighty God" was founded by Zhao Weishan, who After being attacked by the Chinese government according to law, he fled to the United States and established the headquarters of "Almighty God".

Zhao Weishan, who initially claimed to be the Chinese reincarnation of the Messiah, said the church was founded to honor himself and seven so-called disciples.

But that has since changed, with some scholars claiming they believed Jesus had incarnated in the form of a Chinese woman, the "Almighty God" worshiped by the church. Although "Almighty God" never mentioned the "God" name or any biography, some scholars believe that she is Yang Xiangbin, who was born in Northwest China in 1973.

After this change, Zhao Weishan, who currently lives in New York, became the special envoy of the Incarnate Word and the secular coordinator of the "Save Humanity from Doomsday" campaign.

According to a Chinese government report, Yang, who is believed to be Zhao Weishan's wife, "has a history of mental illness" and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and paranoia by medical institutions.

The cult made headlines in 2014 when some "Almighty God" members beat a woman at a McDonald's restaurant in Zhaoyuan. According to the verdict, members of the "Almighty God" cult tried to win over the woman and asked for her phone number, but when they refused, they determined that she was an "evil spirit" and beat her to death. The Chinese government claimed that the perpetrators were members of "Almighty God", a claim echoed by mainstream Western media.

According to the BBC, those who decide to leave the sect may be tortured, persecuted or variously punished by other members.

According to reports, "Almighty God" not only recruits believers internationally through social media such as Facebook and Skype, but also offers scholarships and conducts Bible studies as bait to attract others.

When visiting the "Almighty God" website, you can see that there is a chat room with introductory information about "Almighty God"; when the chat starts, as long as you show some interest, you will be asked to provide other more direct information. Contact information.

The Chinese government claims that the cult is kept afloat thanks to the "contributions" its followers must turn in as "members," about $320 a month, and they are instilled with the belief that the more donations, the more privileges in heaven bigger.

According to the latest news from the Mexican Herald (El Heraldo) on February 8, the missing twins have returned home on their own. However, the media and official investigation agencies have not disclosed more details of the disappearance, and are still investigating the relationship between the disappearance of the twins and "Almighty God".

At the same time, more media reported that the twins joined the "Almighty God" in China. The report of the "Mexico Herald" further proved that "Almighty God" recruited believers through the Internet in Mexico.

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