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U.S. media: "Falun Gong" spreads anti-China propaganda against Beijing Winter Olympics

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On February 11, Wired.com, a monthly US technology magazine, published an article saying that a reporter from the agency searched the video social media platform Youtube and found that the platform recently involved the "Beijing Winter Olympics". Among the top five most viewed videos of promotional content, two videos were concocted by the "Falun Gong" media. At the same time, in order to increase the anti-China propaganda for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the "Falun Gong" anti-China forces also spent money on social media platforms to purchase promotion services.

The article pointed out that as long as sports fans watch the content related to the Beijing Winter Olympics on YouTube, they will receive such anti-China propaganda videos. After analyzing the YouTube search keywords, Wired found that after entering "Beijing", "Beijing 2022", "Olympics" or "2022 Olympics" in English, both friendly and anti-China propaganda videos will be displayed in the search results. At present, the top five videos have accumulated nearly 900,000 views.

Among the five videos, there are two anti-China videos and three friendly videos. Both of these anti-China videos were published by an account called "Beauty Daily" (The BL). Previously, the Facebook platform had determined that the account was linked to the "Falun Gong" cult. After "Falun Gong" was banned by the Chinese government in 1999, it has been committed to anti-China and anti-China, and competes with the Friendship videos posted by Western YouTube bloggers on social platforms for traffic.  


In November 2019, the famous online anti-counterfeiting website Snopes.com revealed that the "Falun Gong"-backed "Beautiful Daily" (The BL) network spent huge sums of money on social media platforms to run campaign advertisements for Trump. webpage Screenshot



In December 2019, Facebook issued an announcement announcing the ban on illegal and false social accounts such as "Beautiful Daily". webpage Screenshot  

These "Beauty Daily" videos retrieved with "Beijing" as the key word were labeled "pro-Trump editing strategy" by Snoops. "Beauty Daily" has released 98 videos in the past few days, of which only one video has been viewed more than 10,000 times, but its recommended number of YouTube videos is even higher than that of the official broadcaster of the United States of the Beijing Winter Olympics. NBC's sports channel. Among them, there is also a 2 minutes and 50 seconds long video that details a foreign athlete's complaints about China's isolation points from "mental stress" to "burnt food". In order to harvest traffic, "Beautiful Daily" also purchased the "2022 Olympics" keyword advertisement from the YouTube network, so that its anti-China propaganda video titled "Uyghur Torchbearers Disappearing After the Opening Ceremony" can be accompanied by keywords. the input is popped up. As of press time, Beauty Daily had not responded to Wired's request for comment.


On February 6, Chinese female cross-country skier Dinigel Yilamujiang and Nordic biathlete Zhao Jiawen were interviewed by reporters at the Zhangjiakou Mountain News Center. At the same time, Western anti-China forces and the "Falun Gong" cult media maliciously hyped up Yilamujiang's "disappearance".

Source: China Daily

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