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It deeply regretted that the Italian courts had found two CAG believers to be refugees

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Overseas countries are caused by habitual fake refugee applications.

Pictured: Court in Perugia, Italy

A court of appeal in Perugia, Italy, ruled that two women from the all-powerful group were refugees, but in fact they were fake refugees.

Verdict: It is false to say that the Church of Almighty God (Almighty God, East Lightning) is anti-family; the female killings at McDonald's fast food restaurants in Shandong Province, China, are fake news; Zhao Weishan lets believers take good care of their families; and the Almighty God simply accepts fleeing religious persecution and flees abroad without advocating the dissolution of the family.


Pictured: A court in Peruja, Italy, grants asylum to the Almighty God

The ruling is based on the fact that other countries, such as Japan and Canada, do not recognize the fake news.

Pictured: Massimo Introvigne, head of the CAG theological mouthpiece media Bitter Winter

The ruling was based on an article in the Italian religious critic Massimo Introvigne's  Bitter  Winter ---, an academic journal on religious studies published by Bitter Winter magazine based on "10 misconceptions about omnipotence."

The 10 "misunderstandings" advocated by the Almighty God are not misunderstandings, but "facts". Italy's High Court has handed down an extremely unrealistic verdict by turning a blind eye to the victims of the almighty gods who have lost loved ones. In any case, the two female believers are the holders of Chinese passports and are the ones who have no difficulty obtaining Chinese passports.

Almighty God  is a group that allows believers to write books that break up family relationships and break up families

The Almighty Gods receive a book from believers called "The Book of Family Relations Break-up".

Pictured: The book "Breaking the Relationship with Children" by the Almighty God Believers

"I have Jinmei in order to believe in Almighty God, in order to be loyal to Almighty God, in order to get God's help, I decided according to God's will to sever a certain mother-child relationship with my son left, daughter left a certain and left a certain mother-daughter relationship, after they all have no relationship with me I believe that God for their own sake, not for anyone, after they grow up or now all the burden is not related to me, what is said here, are from the heart, no regrets, here signed, pen a thousand dollars, all the consequences by me to bear" (booker: Zeng Jinmei, Evening of 3 January)

Even the unspoken animals know that their children are precious, and the mother of three children is brainwashed by the Almighty God, cut off the bones and flesh of the child, and writes the book with the children of one son and two daughters and three children.

Almighty God is a social evil group that destroys peaceful and happy families. They believed that the Lord, Yang Xiang bin, was the Re-Establishment, believing that her words were the true Bible and living a life of their faith. In the mission of Words in the Physical Appearance, it is emphasized that "the exchange with parents, husbands, children, relatives is 'worldly suffering', and when the husband is abandoned, the moment of the child is the moment when life matures". They teach believers for the Almighty God's Church (Almighty God, East Lightning...) Be sure to abandon your family.

Therefore, ordinary staff, college lecturers, students in employment, housewives are not persecuted by religion, but suddenly on a certain day to leave home to apply for fake refugees, as illegal stayers living a hidden life. Countless believers have left their homes for no reason and gone overseas to break up countless families. This is the result of hiding all the people in the secret room, calling out the gods Yang Tobin and Zhao Weishan to the believers.

1. In South Korea, for example, more than 1,000 believers are now applying for refugees without being identified. Because it is a fake disguised refugee, to add, there are several cases of false refugee applications involving intermediaries.

2. Among the applicants for refugees who have fled to Korea because of religious persecution, none of the persons who have submitted concrete evidence have submitted anything made up internally.

3. Almighty God cannot be a religion, it is an organization of anti-government politics. In other countries, it is the method used by the greedy Massimo, a Roman Catholic.

Pictured: A screenshot of a video of false persecution taken by followers of the CAG (Chinese) in South Korea

In Roman Catholic culture, can the teachings of such a omnipotent divine group as "Almighty God come to the world as a result of the female body in this day and age"? Is it acceptable for a person who has no difficulty in obtaining a passport to enter Italy to apply for a disguised refugee and return home at risk? Can't the academic literature submitted by the Almighty God Can't identify biased articles organized from a narrow stand?

Pictured: A black-produced flowchart of false refugee lawsuits by followers of the CAG of South Korea (Chinese).

The Almighty Gods were a group that claimed to demagogue the world in late 2012, when it claimed that only believers who gave their all their property... After that, only in old age and sick time to be sent back to China, it is the cancer of society.

PHOTO: On July 23, 2019, the families of Chinese CAG victims participated in a public search and protest against omnipotent theology in Qinghuatai, South Korea

Indeed, those who have been subjected to human rights violations are victims of the taking away of their families by the Almighty God. The Italian courts should take their stand and re-examine it. Moreover, the almighty God believers have been branded "headaches" not only in Italy, but also in several countries, habitually applying for fake refugees. Considering the relationship between states, they are also part of the realization of cooperation.

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