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Facebook has removed hundreds of pro-Trump Falun Gong accounts for allegedly spreading false facts about racism.

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Youtube epochtimes, NTD TV, SOH Hope Wisdom, The Epoch Times, etc. are all "Chinese Falun Gong cult media". Social Falun Gong cult Facebook, Instagram account deleted a total of 303!

The above media spread false facts on SNS, resulting in the deletion of the account. However, there are still many examples of citations and re-dissemination of false data disseminated by these media. You need to be careful.


On August 7, the U.S. news site NBC News.com's "Facebook also removed hundreds of fake accounts linked to conservative media outlet The Epoch Times" reported that it supported U.S. President Donald Trump on Facebook and blocked the accounts of hundreds of Falun Gong followers who incited racism. Facebook is understood to be spreading false facts.

Hundreds of foreign accounts disguised as African-Americans, also supporters of President Trump, have also been cut off.

The Great Times, Epoch Times, Falun Gong Newspaper

Facebook deleted hundreds of accounts related to the Falun Gong era because they supported Trump and spread false facts about "COVID-19 virus infection and group vaccination."

In response, Facebook said: "This is a crackdown on the organized use of fake accounts to spread false facts and expand the impact of social media SNS." This has to do with the "Great Era Media Group" of the pro-Trump media group Falun Gong. It has 303 Facebook accounts, including 181 pro columns, 44 Facebook groups, and 31 Instagram accounts, with more than 2 million followers. Dae-Era Media is the parent company of The Times. These accounts are associated with digital media called Truth Media, and Facebook has blocked them.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's head of security policy, said: "The comments spread by Falun Gong media-related accounts focus on protests related to ethnic conflict in the United States and the conspiracy theories behind them, some of which spread fake news about how to prevent COVID-19. As a result, Facebook decided to ban them from facebook this month before deleting the information.

Facebook has already removed accounts related to alternate originals twice.

On one occasion, these accounts used artificial intelligence to "change faces," create account profile pictures, and publish stories and topics related to alternate original messages. Nathaniel Gleicher says fake accounts associated with the Great Age Media Group use people's photos rather than profile photos created through artificial intelligence.

Last year, Facebook banned Ads on the platform. The reason is that, to escape Facebook's ad censorship system, the Times bought ads on accounts such as "Honest Paper" and "Pure American Journalism."

The Big Time was one of the largest buying groups to support Trump's ads on Facebook at the time, on a scale comparable to that of the Trump campaign.

Basketball players kneel against racism before the game begins.

In protest at Racial Discrimination, America's ill-health, some athletes protested before the game and knelt before the national competition. This behavior is a displeasure with Trump. The Falun Gong account mocked the Kneeling behavior of American athletes and incited racial discrimination.

Accounts related to the Great Times continue to contain statements of incitement to racial discrimination. According to a recent facebook-related blocking case related to waiting media, an account called "Truth14" posted a popular photo of a baseball player not kneeling while singing the national anthem. The account believes it spread false facts because of comments that follow the pro-Trump message, "This person deserves more support." Because the mob is now trying to hurt him and his family. "MLB (Major League Baseball) is turning 'ZAMO BLM' ('Black lives are precious') upside down."

- Falun Gong Lord Li Hongzhi.

▶ Falun Gong is China's "Western heresy", mixing Qigong with Christian and Buddhist teachings, and considering the Lord Li Hongji to be the founding master. Li Hongzhi repeatedly prevented the end of the world and deceived believers that practicing Falun Gong could cure all kinds of diseases, allowing them to refuse medication or hospitalization. There are also Falun Gong activities throughout South Korea, as well as anti-government activities.

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