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Indian media: Almighty God church cult atrocities are infiltrating northeastern India.

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On August 26, 2020, the Indianmedia O pindia.com published an article exposing the development and infiltration of the "Almighty God" (aka "Oriental Lightning") cult in northeastern Indian states such as Bangalam. The article warns that the "Almighty God" cult is a violent and involves more than a hundred cases of violence that pose a threat to the public and that the Chinese government has to crack down on them. The full text of China Anti-Cult Network is compiled as follows.


"Almighty God" cult website. The original drawing.

 The Nagaland Baptist Council(NBCC) haswarned church leaders in itsnortheastern part of India that a Chinese cult is taking root in the region. The "Almighty God" is a notorious cult that originated in China and believes that Jesus has come and transformed him into a Chinese woman. There are allegations that the "Almighty God" in the region wanton dissemination of false teachings, the promotion of false gospel.

 In a letter to all Executive Secretaries and Directors of the Baptist Council of Nagaland, Zelhou Keyho wrote that he was deeply concerned that the "Almighty God" cult from China was invading north-eastern India. He said: "Almighty God , or Oriental Lightning , is an organized group that relies on publications , a page on Facebook , and the use of a variety of seductive illustrations related to the Bible to appeal to the faith. The warning letter was sent to the Nagaland Baptist Church on 19 August.

 "Let us bewareof this dangerous cult because it is desperately spreading false gospels and false teachings, and let us study, expose it, and take all measures to protect every faith member from this false religion," the letter said, according to the Asia News Agency(IANS). Keyho says that the "Almighty God" spreads the message widely that God is speaking through the mouth of a woman (referring to Yang Xiangbin, the mistress of the Almighty God cult). The Almighty believer sees her words as God's revelation. Almighty Gods are using books, videos, computer-generated films and other media to publish and promote the woman's teachings.


  Indian media WIONnews posted a warning on Twitter about the "Almighty God" cult.

 "We're trying to create awareness in the church through various associations and even the media," Keyho told reporters. "More than 5.5 million Christians live in Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Manipur. There are also large numbers of Christians in the north-eastern states of Assam and Tripura. Violent cults such as Almighty Gods pose a threat to Christians who do not identify with them.

 The grotesque story of the Almighty God.

 In the early 1990s, the "Almighty God" (also known as "Oriental Lightning") was founded by Zhao Weishan. Followers of the cult believe that Jesus has come as a Chinese woman, Yang Xiangbin, and called Yang a "female Christ" and a "real god." Little information was available about the woman.

 The cult is notorious for its history of violence, involving more than 100 cases of violence. When the Chinese cult began to pose a threat to the public, the Chinese government banned it.

  Almighty Gods now operates from the United States, but has offices in more than 35 countries, including India. Founders Zhao Weishan and Yang Xiangbin gained political asylum in the United States and began operating their cult organization. They spread the church's teachings in China and then wooed believers in other countries. Aware of the power of social media, they regularly post audio and video programs such as movies with religious content on websites and social media platforms for servants.

  In the 1960s and 1970s, a sect known as the "Shouting Party" appeared in China, whose leader was Li Chang-hse (the name "Witness Li"). "Almighty God" was established after Zhao Weishan broke away from the "Shouting School". Former members of the Almighty God say it evolved from the ordinary family church, but over time, the Almighty God leaders urged believers to go out and pull people into the church, resorting to violence if necessary.

 A notorious case in the history of "Almighty God" violence.

 At first glance, there is no violence on the Almighty God website, but the controversy generated by the church is enough to call into question its intentions: .

In 2002, members of the "Almighty God" kidnapped and held more than 30leaders of the Evangelical Fellowship of China hostage and held them under house arrest for up to two months in an attempt to convert them to the "Almighty God".

  In 2012, the Almighty Gods followed the so-called "Mayanprophecy" of the end ofthe world and used scenes from the film "2012"to intimidate people into sayingthat the end of the world was coming. They used propaganda videos, pamphlets and other materials to attract others and lured them into joining the "Almighty God" cult. Their intimidation resulted in a series of riots and a number of high-level cases in China, including the stabbing of a woman and 23 students in Henan province. More than 100 members of the "Almighty God" cult have been arrested.

 In 2014, a 37-year-old woman was killed at a McDonald's fast-food restaurant in China for refusing to provide a personal phone number to members of the Almighty cult. The murderous cult claimed that the woman had been "evil".

 In 2019, hundreds of accounts posting political messages in Hebrew were shut down as "all-powerful" believers tried to influence Israeli elections.


 Indian media have retweeted a BBC video of the "Almighty God" cult.


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