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Verification of the personal safety of the victims of CAG

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 Photo: In July 2019, the families of the victims from various parts of the country went to Qingwadae, South Korea to find a petition

       Regarding the identity verification of illegal refugees of fake refugees, whether they are infected with the new crown virus, where they live now, etc. to wait for the confirmation of life and death, and to prevent invitations to go to a third country.

       It was almost seven years since 2013. One day, the husband who went to work at the company suddenly said that after exemption from Jeju Island, South Korea, for the purpose of long-term stay, he abused the loopholes in the refugee law and went through administrative proceedings for refugee application. The application for re-examination was rejected but it has now passed for several years and is still in a state of loss of contact. It is difficult to confirm his death after the emergence of the new crown virus.

       Judging from this situation, all the victims of Almighty God do not want to know the safety of their families stranded in South Korea.

       The CAG Group is a believer in the founder Yang Xiangbin, born in 1973. She claims to be a re-establishment and an anti-Christian group. It is anti-social and destroys the doctrine of the family. Headed by China, 5 Christian groups in South Korea have been designated as heretics.

Picture: The CAG Group is designated as a heresy among five Christian groups in South Korea

Church of Almighty God G od, Eastern Lightning

Goshin2013/63heresyTrinity, Redemption
integrated2013/98HeresyYang Xiangbin re-establishes himself, denying Trinity
Instead of Baekseok2018/103heresyDenies the integrity and contentment of the Bible
Consolidation2018/103Heresy Advocating the continuity of revelation, distorting the biblical analysis, deified Zhao Weishan, and advocating Yang Xiangbin's re-establishment

There have been more than 1,000 cases involving claims of false refugees from believers in Almighty Theological Groups in South Korea. Most of them are now living in South Korea as illegal detainees. Other believers, passports expire, or visas. Those who were refused extensions were all illegally detained, and they stayed for a long time.

The management of illegal detainees in South Korea is the work of the immigration office of the Ministry of Justice. Whether their personal safety has been confirmed and how much effort has been devoted to these tasks is unknown.

Picture: The building of Almighty Deities in Daegu Church, South Korea, March 20, 2020. At 7 o'clock in the evening, the lights are closed.


      This is the building of the Korean Almighty Deity in Daegu. It turned out to be lit at night to late at night.

As a result, the families of victims of Almighty Theology, who suddenly lost their families, were anxious.

A few years ago, a 20-year-old daughter who said she had returned to South Korea for a year has not been contacted yet; there is also a woman who has left her milk-feeding child and went to South Korea to apply for a fake refugee. I don't know where they are now in Korea, I can't confirm their life and death.

The families of victims of Almighty Theology have visited South Korea in 2016 to find groups of Almighty Theology, asking them to surrender their families, and have repeatedly asked the Korean government for help.

However, so far, Almighty Theologians have been stranded as illegal refugees of fake refugees. After leaving home, there is no news so far.

Victims families are even more worried about the fact that Almighty Theologians will go from South Korea to other countries. If that happens, they may never see their families in the future.

Picture: Family Relations Severance Book

Almighty theological groups allow believers to write family severance books, and they follow the instructions of the lords Yang Xiangbin and Zhao Weishan to let them go to South Korea and enter the country by visa exemption and use the loopholes in refugee law to stay illegally. Families who run away become harder.

What's more, they are not just staying in one place in Korea, they are living around, so they are even more worrying. Recently, the Almighty Deity branch in Daejeon has been empty.

Picture: Evidence of frequent movements of believers

Owner of the building: They said "the visa could not be extended and returned to China" so the house was vacant.

Reporter: "When is it about?"

Building owner: "At the end of January 2020, the security deposit was transferred to the person in Daegu a few days ago (early March) "

Another believer's situation was that the people on Jeju Island moved to Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, and when they went there to find them, they moved to another place. Like this, believers are always moving.

Picture: Evidence of frequent movement of Almighty Shinto believers living in Jeju Island to Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do

Almighty God teaches everything about believers in Korea, so they have a detailed grasp of these situations.

Recently, the whole world is facing the severe situation of the new crown virus. The families of the victims hope to confirm the life and death of their families in South Korea, and hope that the fake refugees will return to the arms of their families and live a happy family life as soon as possible.

Therefore, the families of the victims of Almighty Theology requested the Korean government to confirm the personal safety of the fake refugee detainees, whether they were infected with the new crown virus, what kind of life and death information they stayed in, to prevent going to other countries, and to ask the government to help them get their families back home as soon as possible.

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