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[Latest] 7.21 Recent developments in family search: 184 lawyers defending Almighty God false refugees who issued departure orders sentenced!

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Picture: Seoul Central District Court ( 서울 중앙지 )

According to the latest news from Korea Financial News, a lawyer has long been seeking huge profits by means of religious asylum and false lawsuits for Chinese who do not comply with the Korean employment policy. Currently, this lawyer has been sentenced to imprisonment by the Seoul Central District Court!

According to South Korean news network's court, 17 were prosecuted according to the law, the Seoul Central District Court Fourth Criminal Division of Criminal Justice (Hong Junrui judge) found a lawyer Kang for violating "Immigration Control Act", lawyer Kang (aged 46, is suspected 184 Chinese citizens defend false lawsuit) was sentenced to one year suspended for 2 years, the legal representative of the law due to lax management jointly and severally liable, was sentenced to a fine of five million won.

Lawyer Jiang was suspected of being commissioned by the intermediary Zhao who introduced the false refugee application in May 2016. From October of the same year to December 2017, for the purpose of employment, 184 Chinese who entered Korea were disguised as "fake refugees". Submit refugee application.

Prosecutors investigated and found that the accused, Jiang, had defended false refugee applicants who came to Korea in bulk from China on tourist visas because of their belief in Almighty God. Each of them defenders can get 2 to 3 million won in return. According to a prosecutor's investigation, there were 184 Chinese citizens who applied for refugees through a false refugee application submitted by lawyer Jiang, and he was also suspected of hiring Chinese who had illegal employment visas to provide translation services for refugee applicants.

The court held that in view of the fact that many foreigners want to apply for refugees in South Korea, they can stay in South Korea legally for a long period of time and even have the fact of illegal employment. Therefore, lawyer Jiang can use his position to help many people achieve this goal, from which they can earn huge profits and become veritable judicial brokers, which will damage the legal order for a long time, and should be investigated for criminal responsibility to maintain legal dignity. In the trial, the judge fully considered lawyer Jiang as a first-time offender and showed obvious remorse. Although a foreigner who did not qualify for stay was hired, the illegal stay was relatively short, and a lighter punishment could be considered.

In May 2018, the South Korean Ministry of Justice issued an administrative departure order for 184 Almighty God cult personnel. According to the latest news from the Korean Ministry of Justice, as of December 2019, all refugee asylum eligibility review proceedings accepted since 2015 have been completed. This year, the Ministry of Justice has issued administrative departure orders to a group of people. Tell us exactly what the numbers are. However, we believe that more people will receive administrative departure orders in the future, which is far more than 184 people.

We are working hard to bring more overseas believers home, let more victims' families feel the significance of our work, and welcome a happy reunion!

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