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Chungbuk-gun, is it really safe to prevent the epidemic of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia in the collective living area of ​​the Chinese “CAG”?

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Picture: The Church of the Almighty God in Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea

According to NBN TV, it is understood that Paoun-gun, North Chungcheong-do, has stepped up its epidemic prevention in order to prevent the influx of pneumonia in Wuhan, China. In addition to the collective residence of "Almighty Gods" in Jitang outside the mountain, where Han and Koreans are the majority, Anxiety has also increased.

"Almighty Theology" is an emerging religious organization born in China. It is regarded as heresy in Orthodox Christianity. It also proposes unique teachings in China and gathers heretics to become the object of control by the Chinese government. It uses the visa-free entry of China's Jeju Island. A large number of blind spots have entered the country.

With the help of domestic residents, they went deeper inland and repelled them all over the country. A few years ago, they purchased the existing youth training center in Jitang, outside the mountain, and increased the tax payment based on this.

Most of them are composed of Han and Korean nationalities. In daily life, more than 100 people live in the residence of Almighty God in Jitangli, and more than 10 people live in Gaozhou. On the weekends, worshippers of the Almighty God gather all over the country. When we went to Jitang, where we saw the sightseeing bus, it was understood that more than 300 people gathered.

Due to the closed nature of Almighty Deities, it is also difficult for administrative forces or police to approach, abandon families or parents, and look for wives or children who have entered Almighty Deities. Even if they came from China, the main entrance, various monitoring equipment, and many Candid personnel, almost all alert, even if a lawyer intervenes to allow them to meet with relatives.

So most of the "Almighty Gods" composed of Chinese people and residents of Jitang, Zhongti, Wutai, Shantai and Gaozhouli living in Han community expressed concern about the pneumonia infection caused by the new virus coronavirus in Wuhan. And this anxiety is multiplied.

It is understood that most of the believers of "Almighty Theology" currently stay in training institutes, but recently more than 10 people have rented vacant residences in Gaozhou.

In order to prevent the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Wuhan, China, Bao'en County also convened 19 representatives of the employment agencies in Bao'en to hold a symposium on the 19th, and instructed personnel to dispatch staff and other assistance. From 5 am on the 30th, 90 people were daily Chinese workers conduct a fever check.

In addition, civil servants are prohibited from travelling on official business trips to conduct real-time surveys of Chinese caregivers working in welfare facilities for the elderly and foreign workers working in livestock farming households, and to respond to multicultural families, to investigate whether they have a history of returning home and contacts with Wuhan residents.

The enterprises in the Bao'en area also conducted a survey and learned that six employees of nearly three companies visited abroad and checked them for fever every day.

Despite various efforts by Boeun-gun, people are still worried that the "Almighty Gods" in Jitang and Gaozhou, where the Chinese people collectively live, cannot be taken into account, and there are many loopholes in epidemic prevention.

Facing the above accusations, Xu Jiying, director of Bao'en County Health Center, said: "As stated, the Jitangli Almighty Collective Living Place has provided 150 anti-epidemic masks and hand sanitizer medicines to the Almighty Collective Living Place and Gaozhouli. Etc., to focus on eliminating the concerns of the surrounding residents. We will carry out centralized disinfection. "

In addition, as of December 31 last year, a total of 567 employees lived in the Bao'en area, working in various construction sites, factories, barns, nursing care, canteens, and other places.

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