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News: Almighty God in South Korea refused the government's epidemic prevention with a stubborn attitude.

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A report was received from the Collective Training Center of "Almighty Theology" (Almighty Theology, Eastern Lightning, Church of Victory, Church of Eros), claiming that there may be "COVID-19" patients. The process of investigating whether they can be trusted is not easy because they live a closed life, but it is obvious that there are many problems.

Until recently, there was no epidemic prevention (sterilization) in the areas where the reports were made. Because they refused. This is where the Chinese live collectively, so it is even more worrying. Even when a person is onset, this area can become a collective infection and become a COVID-19 supertransmitter.

Earlier, the "COVID-19" incident that broke out in Daegu ushered in a new situation under the collective infection throughout the country.

Experts emphasize that it is difficult to prevent community infection by government's epidemic prevention measures alone. Therefore, individuals and groups should refrain from going out, cancel activities, parties, etc., and implement prevention rules such as sanitizing heads and washing hands in social streets.

As of now, most of the group infections are related to "Xintiandi" and become "COVID-19" super communicators, but other cases have also appeared in blowouts across the country.

I have to point out that at present there are concentrated settlements of the Church of Almighty God in more than 20 places across the country, which is cause for concern. The problem of the pseudo-religious "Almighty God" group of Chinese people living collectively.

Until today (March 9), that is, one month after the outbreak of the "COVID-19" incident in China from January to August, most of the Chinese collective collective dormitories of "Almighty Theology" have been refused by the epidemic prevention authorities. The place. Even for epidemic prevention, it is only allowed around the building and not allowed inside the building.

The author reports:Want to know 48-14 Junzi-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, the Chinese collective training, is the epidemic prevention? If not, we have to prevent it.

Health staff:I tried many times during this period, but they refused. Go to the epidemic prevention today.

Then I ordered the order, not only to enter the building, but also to go inside to prevent epidemics.

In the Almighty Deities group, it is not only here that the epidemic prevention authorities are refused. The same is true in other areas. Even if epidemic prevention is allowed, it will only allow buildings outside and not inside.

In the collective dormitory of Anshan, Gyeonggi-do, not long ago, on a coach, more than 50 believers pulled a large suitcase and whistled an underground car. When they saw the building, the owner of the neighbor's business called the police to prevent epidemic disease, but there was no activity in the building. Disinfection measures. After that, the business owner expressed concern and felt that in the event of a large-scale COVID-19 infection, he decided to close the site for a period of time and even close the business.

The same is true of other Chungcheongbuk-do regions. "COVID-19" has also been diagnosed in Boeun- gun and Goesan-gun . However, the local Almighty God's collective dormitory only focuses on building epidemic prevention and has not fully implemented relevant measures for epidemic prevention. In this regard, neighbors said: "Because of the closed nature of Almighty Theology, administrative power and police forces are not easily accessible." And expressed various grievances.

A place where a large number of Chinese believers live together in the country, including Seoul, Gyeonggi, and other capital areas.More than 20 locations across the country (Seoul, Gwangjin, Gyeongdong, Guro, Busan, Ulsan, Daegu, Guangzhou, Incheon Bupyeong, Jeonbuk, Jeonju, Ansan, Gyeonggi, Suwon, Chungbuk, Gyeonggi, Gosan, Gangwon-do Hengcheng, Gangneung, Jeju Island and other surrounding private houses, multi-generational buildings). As many as several hundred people, at least as many as dozens of people are in the intensive training.

From time to time, they use large buses to collectively go to the districts, and while moving their dormitories, they change their places to re-center their lives, such as fighting guerrillas with the government. Around these collective dormitories, some places rented multi-family residential buildings, sharing several places, and some places bought the surrounding vacant rooms for family rooms.

On February 15, Yang Xiangbin, the leader of Almighty Theology, issued instructions to the believers: "The COVID-19 virus was brought down to try China by itself. During this time, we must take the opportunity to work harder to carry out missionary activities, so that it is in God's mind. "

Almighty theology believes that Yang Xiangbin, born in 1973, is the second advent of the female Christ. The Bible is an outdated product and a poison. I believe the Bible will be destroyed by God. Only believe in Yang Xiangbin s words and insist on eating and drinking myths. Saved by God.

I had advocated the end of December 2012, but ended with a delay, and now the end is postponed again. In the later myths of believers traffic, the doomsday was once again announced, and the increasing number of believers had a sense of doomsday crisis and fear, only to let them absolutely obey the word of the leader. During the missionary process, it was an anti-Christian group and also disguised as a Christian activity. Like Xintiandi, it sneaked into the church, enticed believers to approach and lead to the family's home, and then used massage, massage, and traditional Chinese medical treatment skills to get closer. Using the method of Baojiao to sneak into conspiracy missions, a believer has activities in several churches.

In addition, for the purpose of missionary long-term stay and abuse of Korean refugee law, nearly 1,000 believers applied to the immigration office for fake refugees, but all failed. Currently staying illegally for a long time as an illegal detainee. Most of them abandoned the Chinese family, and left home overnight without a message, believers who came to Korea without a visa.

The domestic Almighty Deity has suddenly become the regional headquarters of Northeast Asia. Believers generally shoot and produce movies in collective dormitory areas, distribute online videos, and use various SNS for missionary activities. It also conducts anti-government political activities in conjunction with other cults such as Falun Gong and Extremist IS.

Their illegal activities include, first of all, illegal stay, abuse of refugee law, fake refugee status in South Korea, and various lives and property losses caused by running away and ruining their homes, just as the family members of Zhao Weishan and Yang Xiangbin have fled to the United States by illegally forging passports There are many believers who have forged identity cards in foreign countries, as well as the establishment of agricultural corporations, seduce believers to obtain employment visas, and engage in profitable business activities in the case of registration as unauthorized tax-free religious groups. The establishment of ghost companies is suspected of illegal money laundering. Large-scale US dollars flowed into South Korea, impacting foreign exchange financial markets and causing chaos in the financial order. Believers are exploited by Almighty theology to exploit labor and living expenses. Various human rights violations, including illegal imprisonment for ideological and emotional problems.

The collective life in this collective isolation and isolation, free oppression, closed place ... We must know that the extreme emotional ups and downs caused by the gap between virtual and reality can shake the identity of believers and cause psychological instability.

author:Saying the end of December 2012 is coming, but just hasn't passed?

An Yongguang (Priest, Anonymous, Korean of Anshan in Anshan):Was postponed. But that day (end) is coming. There is little left.

In the almighty group of gods, this is instilling the believers with a sense of fear of doomsday crisis, allowing them to undergo religious brainwashing, and thus making believers more afraid to leave.

Almighty theology, repeatedly proclaiming its "religious" identity in public missionary activities, is actually a "religious fraud group", deceiving people who do not know the truth to join illegal interest groups, and earning human blood gimmicks for the leaders Zhao Weishan and Yang Xiangbin. Illegal stranded people and fake refugees own tens of billions of won worth of buildings and land in South Korea. They often enter and leave home and abroad to participate in large-scale collective activities.

Those who have run away from home secretly sneak into various regions of the country and continue to live without sunlight. Because of this, I strongly hope to forcefully expel illegal detainees and fake refugees and return to the arms of the family as soon as possible.

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