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Commentator's article: The Church of Almighty God as I know it

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Why can't they stop their illegal activities in South Korea after the Supreme Court ruled that they lost the lawsuit?

I really doubt whether South Korea is a country under the rule of law.

Almighty Gods Protestant (Photo: Almighty Gods Protestant Homepage)

For a country to develop and a society to prosper, it must introduce and accept advanced, positive, and positive factors, while social interactions like the "Almighty God" are the opposite. It creates anxiety for the society and is anti-Christian and anti-human. Dangerous fuse. Obviously, despite the Supreme Courts ruling, why has it failed to stop the development and spread of "Almighty God"? Is South Korea a country under the rule of law? I suspect. "

I have been in South Korea for two years. In 2019, I accidentally learned from a website that the "Almighty God" is active in South Korea. As a Christian, I searched for related websites curiously, but I was lost. Then a lot of questions arose, and there is still no way to grasp the root cause...

A studio installed at the camp of the Church of Almighty God in Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province. South Korean video tapes have been distributed online and in China.

Before coming to Korea, I met "Almighty God" in China. The exact time is May 28, 2014. The news at that time reported a vicious homicide at McDonalds in Zhaoyuan, Shandong, China. According to news reports, Zhang Fan, Zhang Lidong, Lu Yingchun, Zhang Heng and others believed in the religion of Almighty God...that is, they treated Wu XX was beaten and brutally killed. The reason was that Wu Moumou didn't tell them the contact information. 

       The report quickly spread throughout China, and major media in the Western world also reported the news, accusing it of an atrocities against humanity. I read the report and was as surprised as many people. The perpetrators were all believers of the "Almighty God", saying that they saw Wu Moumou as the devil and killed them. As a Christian, I am concerned about and saw the follow-up report of this murder, and I want to know what kind of religion such a ruthless "Almighty God" is so ignorant of human life. 

       On October 11, 2014, the Intermediate People's Court of Yantai City, Shandong Province sentenced them to crimes. They were punished for crimes, but the aftermath left to society and people lasted for a long time.

Zhao Weishanshan and Yang Xiangbin

"Almighty God" is also known as "Eastern Lightning", "Seven Spirits", "Female Christ", "Real God", "Almighty". On the left is Zhao Weishan (69 years old) and on the right is his second wife - Yang Xiangbin, born in 1973, is a pseudo-religion founded in 1989 by the two leaders of Almighty God. These titles are all scriptures that imitate the Bible. For example, "Eastern Lightning" is the "Bible" Matthew 24:27, derived from "Lightning from east to west, so will the Son of Man come", distorted as "from the east" The lightning of "to the west" spread from China to Western countries. . . "Female Christ" is "Philippians" 1:21, "For me, to live is the Christ, and death is good" and "Jeremiah" 31:22, "The Lord creates new things in On the earth, a woman must surround a man. Gods first flesh appeared as a man, and the second flesh appeared as a woman, which is the female Christ... The purpose of coming to this world is to protect men, that is because The salvation ministry of the male Christ was not finally completed, and there are not too many examples. Therefore, "Almighty Protestants" deceive people by adding or distorting the text of the Bible.

The anti-government activities of Almighty God in South Korea

"Almighty God" denies the origin and value of the Bible, denies the Trinity of God, denies God's eternal and unchanging, God's omnipotence, omnipresence, denies omnipotence, denies the salvation of Christ, denies the divinity and envoy of the Holy Spirit, denies humanity Values and equality deny the effect and scope of salvation, deny the sandy land and orthodox beliefs of the Christian Church. This is a blasphemy against God, half (anti-)Christian.

"Almighty God" and "Falungong" are both judged and closed by the Chinese government as a social organization. All people are social, but "Falungong" is a social distortion of Buddhism, and "Almighty Protest" is a social distortion of the Bible.

However, the "Almighty Protestant" is more cruel and cruel than "Falungong" in harming and encroaching on society and the people. Most believers deceived by Falun Gong are self-harming, but extreme believers commit suicide like their own children. Falun Gong will only harm itself and its family. The "Almighty Protestant" brutally killed the lives of people who had nothing to do with them. If they think they are evil, kill them, but the criteria for determining evil is even more terrifying.

The believers who fell into "Almighty Protestantism" also gave up most of their families, and some believers even lost their children. These are the consequences of the false teachings of the "Almighty Protestant".

Almighty believers using fake social media accounts

There are inevitably similarities in all pseudo-religions. The South Korean pseudo-religion "Xintiandi" headed by Lee Man-hee has a "Internet navy", and there are people in the "Almighty God" who are engaged in similar work. They infiltrate the traditional Christian church, and if they do not listen or defy and lure believers, they will use violence to intimidate them. The most terrifying thing is the violence of this "Almighty God". 

    The "Cult of Almighty God" uses violent means to control its followers, and retaliates with violence against those who disobey their orders or those who suspect, reject, and betray them. The methods are also very cruel and terrifying, such as beatings, cutting ears, plucking eyes, breaking arms, cutting off toes...In order to be blinded by everyone, I use a very professional term for my violent behavior, which is the so-called " Trial". This beautifies their sinful behavior. 

      Generally speaking, the "Almighty God Religion" is a social life that kills lives, destroys families, scavenges wealth and gathers wealth, and creates anxiety for society. Such "Almighty God Religion" is now seizing a stronghold in Korea and gradually settled down. . . That is also in the name of religion. Obviously, although South Koreas religious circles have determined that Almighty God is a pseudo-religion, and even though the Supreme Court has ruled that Almighty God followers must leave Korea within the time limit, Almighty God activities in South Korea have become increasingly active and open. They bought land and buildings in various places in Korea, and trained believers there, and prohibited outsiders from entering. 

      For a country to develop and a society to prosper, it must be advanced, active, and "almighty religious" and other cults must introduce and accept static elements (evil). On the contrary, it brings anxiety to the society, (anti) Christianity Govin's (anti-)human stuff is nothing but dangerous fire. 

      Obviously, despite the Supreme Courts ruling, why has it failed to stop the development and spread of "Almighty God"? 

      Is South Korea a country under the rule of law? There is such a suspicion. South Korea is a free and democratic country, proud and proud to claim that this freedom should not have "traitor freedom" and "freedom to suppress human rights" or "freedom to abuse the law." However, the "Cult of Almighty God" is their own standard, and the decision is the devil. For such a devil, they execute "judgment." How terrible and terrifying is this?

"Almighty God" is absurd. At the beginning of this year when "COVID-19" occurred, the headquarters of "Almighty God" in the United States issued a notice to believers. The notice said: "This time "COVID-19" is a trial made by God to eliminate China. " 

      According to this notice from "Almighty God", "COVID-19" is the disaster and verdict brought down by "Almighty God". But now, China is the country with the worst COVID-19 (China). No, the United States (USA) Yes, yes. So, claiming to be "God, (God) have you also brought "COVID-19" to the United States? What a ridiculous assertion?

The violence of Almighty God is punished in South Korea

The "Cult of Almighty God" is a violent organization wearing a religious mask and a criminal organization.

The author writes this article in the hope that the Korean people will see through the anti-human nature of "Almighty God" as soon as possible and not be tempted by their temptations. The government, religious circles, and the people are united, resolutely abandon this pseudo-religion, and earnestly hope that the Korean society will be harmonious, safe and happy.

Translated manuscripts, criticisms and corrections are welcome.

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