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"The Church of Almighty God" buys real estate in Baoen County, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea, and bluffs!

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Core Tip: South Korean website "Religion and Truth" reported on June 10, 2020 that the "Almighty God" bought property in Baoen County, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea for bluff, but there were only 60 believers in a house that could accommodate 700 people. Settlements, the den is almost empty, this is the "Almighty God" leader Zhao Weishan and Yang Xiangbin hide their eyes and ears, so only to expand the influence of propaganda.


The location of the real estate area around Chungbuk-gun, South Korea purchased by "Almighty God". Original picture

Believers of the "Almighty God" cult organization. Original picture

"Almighty God" den bluff!

The "Almighty God" cult has a total of more than ten places where believers live in Chungbuk County and Huaishan County. However, in a house that can clearly accommodate 700 people, there are only a few 60 believers. Occasionally, there will be four or five large buses going to and from the settlement, but there are fewer permanent residents in most dens. These "Almighty God" believers are scattered and settled in many places in South Korea, and sometimes they move collectively.

"Almighty God" currently has about 2,000 Han believers, most of whom are false refugees and lawless detainees. "Almighty God" has 9 buildings that can accommodate 700 people in Korean real estate. The scale of the 2,000 believers is constantly increasing the purchase of real estate. There are 5, 6 buildings in the newly purchased real estate that can accommodate up to 4 times the number of believers. The act of "Almighty God" is just a bluff!

"Almighty God" wantonly drives up house prices and land prices in Zhongbei Bao'en County and Huaishan County, even at the price of several times higher than the market price to purchase cultivated land, woodland, orchards, land, buildings, etc., seriously disrupting the market order. This complaint contained.

The house purchased by Almighty God in Xinzhengli, outside the mountain of Baoen County in Chungbuk. Original picture

The "Almighty God" is almost empty in the nest outside the mountain

In 2018, "Almighty God" registered agricultural corporations in Korea under the names of "Canaan" and "Gulante", and purchased 30 out of Huaishan County and Baoen County, Baoenyi, Sansheng Noodles, Sweat Noodles, Charcoal Noodles and other places. The farmland of Dowanpyeong is worth 8 billion won. In addition, 4 buildings with a capacity of 700 people were purchased in the local area. The average cost of each building was 1 billion won. However, there were only dozens of believers in each building. The "Almighty God" Several dens are just empty frames, but in fact they are bluffing.

"Almighty God", Chungbuk-gun, Huaishan County, Korea

1. Jitangli, outside the mountain of Chungbuk-gun County-only 60 people live in a building that can accommodate 700 people;

2. Among the three rural households, "Almighty God" believers live with their families;

3. Huayangli, Qingchuanmian, Huaishan County, Zhongbei-only 30 people live in a building that can accommodate 700 people;

4. Xinzhengli, outside the hill of Chungbuk-no-gun-a building with a capacity of 700 people is being renovated;

5. Zhuozhouli, outside the mountain of Chungbuk-no-gun-a certain brand brewing factory, which can accommodate hundreds of people, but now only dozens of people live here;

6. Shandali, outside the mountain in Chungbuk-gun County-used as a "Canaan" office.

"Almighty God" is a building in Luozhou, outside the mountain of Bao'en County, Chungbuk. Original picture

"The Almighty God" is such a bluff that only expands its influence for propaganda!

The "Almighty God" organization exaggerated and threatened believers in China and other countries: "The Almighty God" is expanding in South Korea, and its power is as strong as heaven. And confuse believers that when they come to South Korea, the organization will provide them with large houses as accommodation, introduce them to good work, and living conditions are very good.

However, the actual situation is very different from its propaganda. The residence is only a big house. There are only dozens of believers who actually live, but they have to do heavy farming work, and they have to take care of the scattered houses in various places, and their lives must be controlled everywhere.

"Almighty God" believer. Original picture

"Almighty God" cult organization is full of evil deeds

The "Almighty God" believers were sent back to China for missionary activities after receiving training in South Korea. Believers in each den should receive training in dance, musical instruments, vocal music, acting skills, etc. Trained believers pretend to be vendors (selling vitamins, clothing, etc.) to and from China and South Korea, but the "Almighty God" fabricates facts within their organizations, proclaiming believers to return to China will suffer the so-called repression, and even be killed to achieve the right Believers are brainwashed to prevent their apostasy purposes. In addition, the "Almighty God" leader also instigated believers to use false information to register ID accounts on the social networking site SNS, online promotion of cult teachings, and publishing false information. The Korean government received more than 30 such cases.

The rural population in South Korea is aging, but most of the believers of the Almighty God who live in the rural areas of South Korea are under 30 years old. Residents nearby heard that they are cult organizations and worried about their violence. Some elderly people even dare not travel at night.

"Almighty God" purchased land at a price several times higher than the market price, disrupting the order of the Korean real estate market. "Almighty God" once bought a barn worth 10 million won at a price of 100 million won, which caused serious chaos in the barn, and residents nearby were worried.

"Almighty God" is registered as an agricultural corporation in South Korea under the name "Canaan", and its office is located in Shandali, outside the mountain in Baoen County, Chungbuk. Original picture

Legislation to prevent and cure cults is imperative!

"Almighty God" believer. Original picture

A villager living near the den of the "Almighty God" said: "The "Almighty God" bought a large area of farmland in the village, and there are many agricultural machinery. These people live together, and the villagers are afraid of violence. They dare not go out at night. We are The ordinary people who are struggling to make a living are helpless to these people, and hope that the government can take corresponding measures. The office outside the mountain also has a headache for these cult staff. I heard that these people are also not very cooperative with the new crown virus epidemic prevention work, and prevent the epidemic prevention personnel from entering the room for disinfection ."

The "Almighty God" cultists abandoned their families and came to South Korea to abuse the South Korean "Refugee Law" for the purpose of long-term detention to apply for refugees falsely. "Almighty God" believers lived in various places in South Korea, but did not register with the local government department, which caused many adverse effects on Korean society. "Religion and Truth" calls on the South Korean government to issue a corresponding decree to resist cults. It is imperative to prevent the governance of cults!

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