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  • Looking for Yannan Shen-Tianning.com Field Interview Video "Mother, Where Are You"


    Video source: Tianning Anti-cult websiteOriginally a happy family, because the hostess believed in the cult of Almighty God, it became fragmented. Shen Yannan, female, from Liaoyang County, Liaoning Province, in June 2012, her husband discovered that she believed in Christianity and preached the end of the world theory.Shen Yannan, who was originally good-hearted, diligent in hands and feet, and delicious in cooking, who believed in Almighty God, stopped worrying about housework and no longer ca

  • Seeking DaWei Cui, Tianning Anti-cult website interviews the family-seeking video on the spot-"Summon"


    Picture: Cui Dawei Technical Secondary School DiplomaAfter more than a year of visits, the staff of Tianning Anti-cult website released this video of finding relatives. The target of this finding is Cui Dawei. He was born in Dashiqiao City, Yingkou, Liaoning in 1985. In 2012, David Cui told his father that he would go to Korea. I left the country to South Korea in June 2013. Unexpectedly, I haven't returned for ten years without any news. Video source: Tianning Anti-cult websiteInvestigation

  • Family members caught in the trap of almighty gods, please go home!


    Family members caught in the trap of almighty gods, please go home!

  • Use light and shadow to gather the power of youth.


    The theme ofthe film BeautifulLife MV.Winding mountain road, measured the young people's hearts of the long march; the masses smile, passing the hope of poor mountain areas; On August 23rd, the key poverty-relief film Beautiful Life, organized by the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, officially met with the audience.The film Beautiful Life to the national outstanding Communist Party members the role model of the times, the first secretary in th

  • Stay away from the cult and wait for you to come home


    In January 2020, a novel coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, and Wuhan closed the city. During this period, 17 Wuhan writers and artists produced the public welfare song "Wuhan Ya" to cheer for Wuhan. Because the songs are beautiful and beautiful, they soon spread all over the country. Each person recorded his voice on a mobile phone, and composed the most beautiful chorus with the most emotional voice in all parts of the country. Only in order to make every Chinese remember the most beautiful appearance of Wuhan, they sang not only the words and love of every Wuhan people, but also the best wishes of the whole Chinese people for Wuhan. I hope that she can hold on to this moment, and believe that soon, the once beautiful will reappear.

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