The Church of Almighty God, in addition to achieving a new shift from defensive to offensive, is struggling to survive legally.

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■ Strengthen efforts to obtain not only simple residency but also recognition for religious refugees.

■ We also tried to spread the teachings and establish a church base in many overseas countries, such as India, Mexico, and Spain.

■ Due to the potential for violence in this group, once stabilized, incidents and accidents may occur.


1. Changes in survival strategies

The strategy of the survival movement has changed. When the activities of the Church of Almighty God in China were made difficult by the resistance of the system, it chose to go to South Korea. They set up bases in South Korea, which recognizes religious freedom, and tried to settle as religious refugees, but were not accepted. The Church of Almighty God, who were unable to obtain refugee status, continued to live in seclusion. The move seems to be a fear that if they make a fuss, they may be driven to China. The Church of Almighty God is now coming to the surface. In particular, there is an increasing emphasis on overseas activities outside of Korea. The Church of Almighty God, with the help of human rights organizations, began to gain international public acceptance.  



▲Spanish human rights organizations held protests in support of the recognition of believers in the Church of Almighty God as refugees through public opinion (Photo source:

A human rights organization in Spain staged a protest in support of recognizing members of the Church of Almighty God as refugees. According to the Spanish media "elespanol", on October 23 last year, believers of the Church of Almighty God set foot on Spanish soil. This is for refugee status. However, the Spanish authorities decided that the Church of Almighty God was a cult in China and rejected it. A female believer committed self-harm while being deported back to China. The reason is that if they return to China, they will face live organ harvesting or become sex slaves, so they choose to die here. This is the opinion of the Spanish media and the cold winter network, and the news reached the Spanish human rights group, which held a protest at Madrid's Barajas airport on November 3 to demand the recognition of refugees. Human rights groups not only protested, but also solicited signatures online. Eventually, the female believer was identified as a refugee.

2, the way of staying has changed


▲ Believers of the Church of Almighty God in China carried out self-harm riots and fiercely resisted the Spanish government's expulsion process (Photo source:

        It is worth noting the change in living patterns. In the past, the Church of Almighty God entered countries that recognized religious freedom on tourist visas, applied for refugee status to force illegal stay, and if it was not accepted, disappeared without a trace. Spain, on the other hand, has its own unique feature in that it is trying to break head-on rather than play tricks. On the surface, this may seem like a "do it or die" strategy, but given the way the Church of Almighty God maintains its system, it seems like a deliberate move. The Church of Almighty God is a strictly top-down community. In addition, we have formed a professional refugee team and are moving in an orderly manner. Therefore, it is difficult to consider the self-harm of female believers as accidental. Especially given the unclear background of the Spanish human rights organization that led to the identification of female believers as refugees, we cannot rule out the possibility that the Church of Almighty God is trying to sell this framework to the international community. In addition, it is not uncommon for CAG members to go beyond protest to collect approved signatures from refugees.

       3. Radical moves


▲ The Indian media "Nagaland News" reported on concerns about the spread of the missionary activities of the Church of Almighty God.

     Recently, media in India, Mexico and other countries have reported concerns about the missionary activities of the Church of Almighty God. India's Nagaland News newspaper reported that the Church of Almighty God was "spreading like weeds." After the news aired, Indian netizens shared their experiences with the Church of Almighty God in the video. Mexican media outlet INFO7 reported in February 2023 that the minor twin sisters ran away from home after converting to the Church of Almighty God. Even in South Korea, news of the Church of Almighty God's missionary methods and new bases is constantly being updated. It can be seen that they are looking to expand their reach beyond South Korea as well as around the world.

Residents living in the area where the Church of Almighty God is based in Korea have also felt the change in the believers of the Church of Almighty God. Everyone agrees that, unlike the lives they lead in isolation, loud music or driving stunts in the neighborhood is not allowed. In addition to securing the base, it is gradually established as the settlement is extended, and its essence seems to be gradually revealed. In May 2014, China had a history of killing women who refused to preach, which is worth noting.

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