Latest: Ms. Wang, a member of The Church of Almighty God in Korea, has her residence permit canceled by the Korean Immigration Administration!

Author: admin 【 Original 】 2023-04-06

According to feedback from South Korean prosecutors, Ms. Wang, female, was born in 1980 and holds a G1-00 (visa) residence permit in South Korea. She was forcibly canceled by the South Korean Immigration Administration on April 2, 2023, and her request for renewal was prohibited. . His illegally held passport has been included in the blacklist of abnormal entry personnel.

Chinese Almighty God cult believer Ms. Wang, female, 43 years old, Anhui nationality, China, illegally entered Jeju Island, South Korea from Shanghai Pudong in 2016, and applied for political asylum in Jeju Island, South Korea the next day. It has been 7 years .

Currently, South Korean prosecutors are investigating the case.



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