The Church of Almighty God in Korea sent 8 tons of printed books to the New York Church in the United States in only half a year

Author admin-Korea Reserved Դ Religion and Truth 2022-12-23

The main source of activity of the cult "Church of Almighty God" (Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning) is South Korea, but the United States, where the leader Cho Weishan and his wife are located, is the headquarters of The Church of Almighty God.

Following 2021, from August to December 3, nearly 8 tons of books, color pages, and text prints (work was carried out in Kung-dong and Daegu in Seoul) were printed and shipped from the port of Busan, South Korea, to New York and California in the United States, exposing the address of the Church of Almighty God in the United States, where they operated.

Located at 125 WEST MAIN ST WALDEN 12586 NEW YORK USA, it is the address of the Church of Almighty God in the United States. In recent years, it has a close relationship with The Church of Almighty God in Korea.

The building in New York, USA, is currently being mounted on the real estate transaction network and is being sold, and the buyer has not yet made any real-name registration, but the address of the maritime trade record can be determined to be the building.

125 WEST MAIN ST WALDEN 12586 NEW YORK USA, The Church Of Almighty God

In South Korea, The Church of Almighty God is mainly engaged in publishing printed books, making videos, making movies and other popularization work, and 45% of visitors to YouTube (Google's video self-media platform) are occupied by South Korean believers. In addition, believers in Korea share responsibilities by establishing multiple agricultural corporations, purchasing land and buildings, and selling agricultural and livestock products. They disguise themselves as cults, and if they are so deceived by the Almighty God Cult, they will only wait for the end of their lives and become believers dedicated to the leader and his wife.

Although many believers have returned to China due to the new crown pneumonia incident, the current status of believers in China is generally long-term or illegal detention due to disguised refugee claims. In addition, there are people who marry Koreans and obtain permanent residency, and there are people like Koreans who can easily obtain permanent residency if the first generation is in Korea, so they go through such a process.

Most believers' addresses are temporarily registered and can move and move at any time. In areas such as Busan and Ulsan, if you rent an office building and move to another place immediately, you won't stay in one place for too long.

From August to December 3, the Church of Almighty God in Korea (Church of Victory) sent about 8 tons of books to The Church of Almighty God in the United States.


▶ The characteristics of the cult of Almighty God are:

- If a believer somehow disappears, he will run away from home.

- It is believed that the sect leader Yang Xiangbin and Zhao Weishan are the second advent lords and high priests.

- Emphasize that the end is coming and require complete devotion.

- They claim that there is true salvation only for themselves.

- Runaways go abroad and apply for false refugees These people are also used for anti-government political activities.

- Cut off contact with family members due to surveillance, location tracking, restrictions on mobile phone use.

- Both anti-Christian groups and imitation of Christianity and disguised activities.

- Believers do not use their real names, but act under multiple pseudonyms. The church name also does not have signboards such as Morning Light Church, Victory Church, Vila Delbia Church, etc., but carries out missionary activities under pseudonyms.

- External activities are mainly carried out at night, moving in groups. There is no freedom of personal movement.

- Coming to work in a foreign country and being exploited for unpaid labor, labor.

If there are "Almighty God" believers around, they should be exhorted to live a right life of faith, or to return to the warm home where their families are.



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