South Korea's Almighty God cult seriously reported the pollution of the river, and the reporters who came to the interview were beaten by the crowd

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Believers in the "Almighty God" ... After receiving reports from residents, reporters were beaten en masse and mobile phones were robbed

On October 12, there was an emergency from South Korea, in which the cult Almighty God Cult (Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning) organized two male believers collectively beat up a reporter who went to confirm after receiving a report from a resident, and robbed two mobile phones.

At about 9 a.m. on October 11, a resident of Tunnei in Gangwon Province, Hoengseong County, reported that the place where the collective dormitory of the Almighty Theological Group believers was located was once again discharged from the source of pollution, and the river in the village was flowing with "red" water. Immediately set out to arrive at the scene, listen to the testimony of the residents, observe the situation, and in order to confirm, visit the residence of the believers of the Almighty God.

Parking at the entrance to the farm road and the parking lot, after the car started, the male believer came over to ask what was going on, and indicated that it was a reporter, and the residents reported that the source of pollution had flowed here since the early hours of the morning, and when asked what it was, he pretended not to know at all.

At the same time, he called everywhere and said that he called the village chief and the police, and the male believer asked the car to move to the parking lot to park, so after parking inside, the black van came.

Believers in the "Almighty God" ... After receiving reports from residents, reporters were beaten en masse and mobile phones were robbed

The reporter thought he was the mayor of the village, walked over and asked, and as soon as he got out of the car, he grabbed the mobile phone and handed it to the believers next to him. He was a familiar Almighty Protestant.

Later, they used another phone to pat it and asked for it to be returned, but they hid it in their pockets and did not return it.

I heard that I called the police, how to wait and could not come, I felt strange and directly dialed 112 to call the police. (Later, I thought about it, calling the village chief and the police was to say that he had recruited his own followers.) )

After that, while waiting for the police to appear in court, believers wearing pink vests once again beat the wrists of reporters, snatched the rest of their mobile phones, punched them in the face and other violence.

Believers in the "Almighty God" ... After receiving reports from residents, reporters were beaten en masse and mobile phones were robbed

Two male believers collectively abused journalists and robbed mobile phones.

The police then arrived and dealt with the case. The reporter was diagnosed for two weeks. (*These believers pleaded with the police: "This person (the reporter) has been filming all this time and publishing articles on the website ..." He knew he was a journalist from the beginning. When asked about sewage, he pretended not to know, pretended not to understand.

The place where Almighty believers live together in Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province, is where there was also a report of blue water flowing in August this year, and although complaints were raised with the Hoengseong County Environmental Affairs Department at that time, it was issued at that time that "due to heavy rain, it is impossible to confirm the flow of wastewater into the river, etc.", and to confirm at any time in the future, carefully observe whether the wastewater flows into the river, and take measures to prevent residents from suffering losses according to the situation, which also violates the provisions of the "livestock breeding restrictions".

Believers of the "Almighty God" have seriously polluted rivers in the interior of Hoengseong County, and the water quality is seriously polluted, which has been reported by residents

On October 11, residents of the village said that since a long time ago, the rivers in the village have been inhabited by frogs, willow fish, loach and so on, and when Almighty believers come in, these fish will die and float. He also said, "What's next?" Unknown. "

The river is the water that the villagers mainly use for agriculture.

The environmental pollution problem in the village closest to Tun has been raised by residents since 2 years ago, but it has not been corrected. For sewage, a composition analysis is performed.

It is reported that on the 11th, the believers of the Almighty God Sect also participated in the Hoengseong County Tun Inner Residents Games.

The discharge of environmental pollution sources has brought inconvenience to the actual life of residents, and unidentified believers can come and go at any time and move flexibly. There are many human rights abuses caused by the severance of family ties with China and the oppression of freedom, and the doubts of believers about the exploitation of labor continue to be raised. The interest of local communities and the surveillance of local self-governing groups and the strong penalties after the fact should continue.

The cult organization "Almighty God", also known as "Eastern Lightning Cult", "Seven Spirits", "Female Christ", and "Actual God", was founded in 1989 by Zhao Weishan, the backbone of the "Shouting Sect". This sect worships a mysterious woman known as "Lady Christ", who, under the banner of Christianity, spreads their fallacies and heresies, destroys the family, illegally amasses wealth, and seriously endangers the healthy development of the Christian Church and the normal order of society.

"The actual manipulator and initiator of "Almighty God" is called Zhao Weishan. The sect packaged Yang Xiangbin, a woman from Datong, Shanxi, as a "female Christ", but she was only a puppet. Almighty God has established branches in Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, and Asia.

South Korea's Refugee Law was maliciously exploited, and more than 1,000 believers were stranded for a long time because of collective false refugee applications, setting up church bases throughout the country and moving at any time. Malicious speculation on land and the purchase of hundreds of thousands of rural farmland at high prices have disrupted the real estate market, and the believers in collective life have lost contact with their families and cannot confirm their life and death. Most of the group's adherents are illegally stranded, reminding everyone to be wary of proselytizing.



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