The "international multicultural center" in anshan, south korea, has become the newest activity base of almighty god

Author: adm-South Korea 【 Reserved 】 来源: religion and truth 2022-04-10

In recent years, the cult "almighty god" has transferred its base area to south korea, carried out missionary activities in korea on a large scale, destroyed countless believers' families, and brought many negative effects to korean society.

At present, ansan city, gyeonggi province, is the region with the largest number of stranded foreigners in south korea. there is a village of foreigners in the local wongu-dong, and many foreigners who have just come to korea will register to study at the local "international multicultural center" out of the need to learn the language, make friends or prepare for the korean chinese proficiency test. the base of the "almighty god" cult, which has brought many negative effects to the local area, is on a building ten minutes away from this center.


"International multicultural center" in anshan, south korea. original picture


Many almighty God gathered at the "international multicultural center" in anshan, gyeonggi province, south korea. original picture

A location for the almighty god sect in south korea original picture

The "almighty god" cultists have set their sights on those who have just come to foreign countries and have poor communication in the "multicultural centers, and on the pretext of connecting feelings, they regularly organize friendships, propagate cult doctrines, draw these people into religion, instigate them to "concentrate" on believing in "almighty god," and even trick them into separating them from their relatives and friends, resulting in countless families being torn apart. in this regard, the person in charge of the "international multicultural center" in anshan said that these phenomena have been noted and will pay attention to this aspect in the future, reminding the trainees to be vigilant against the missionary behavior of cult organizations.



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