Almighty God sect registered a company in korea to provide and act as an agent for rural work to strengthen its penetration into rural areas!

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 active use of the name and business activities of naturalizers for identity cleansing


chungbuk-san, almighty god group accommodation panorama


The chinese cult "almighty god" group has disrupted the real estate market by buying land, livestock houses, and so on at prices higher than the current market price in the rural areas where young people have left. they entered the hengcheng mountains in gangwon province, burning garbage at any time, causing environmental pollution, causing the death of freshwater fish in the river floating on the surface of the water, and even the village was filled with black smoke, causing harm to the neighbors around them.

looking at the company registration certificate they set up, they did register the "rural work provision and agricultural work agency" company. this is not only real estate, but even rural jobs may be eroded.

not only that, but they also set up a joint-stock company, holding more than 20,000 shares. the list of shareholders is not public. but it is necessary to investigate whether they are acting as a refuge for illegal detainees who have come to south korea from china.

representatives of the almighty theocratic corporation, the naturalizers who washed their identities and their new lives

although the agricultural corporation that operates the almighty shinigami group is registered as a joint-stock company, its share price is 500 won for "chewing gum.". although there are also ultra-low stocks under 100 won on the market, it can be seen that they were planned from the beginning.

the reason why a joint-stock company is not necessary is also because believers are registered as shareholders, and it is easy to obtain long-term stay visas on the grounds of investment and employment. at present, the four companies hold a total of 25,200 shares. it can be seen that they are creating a self-generated structure in the form of an agricultural legal person to achieve the purpose of long-term detention, representing that there are korean chinese naturalizers around li mouhao and kim mouxu. in particular, jin lives with other naturalized women who are not his wife.

when a company is registered, almighty theologians acquire agricultural land or set up a company in the name of a naturalized and washed believer.

entry into korea: entering not only through jeju island, but also through hong kong or by boat

there are also many ways for believers to enter the country. visa-free entry into jeju island, entry via hong kong, or entry to south korea by boat. not everyone enters jeju island visa-free. 3 out of 10 people entered by boat. this may be due to the low cost of taking a boat, the looser customs clearance than at the airport and the fact that more luggage can be carried than the flight.

most of these people are in a state of long-term detention. if they enter korea by boat, they are likely to take a boat when they travel back and forth between china and south korea, and if they are naturalized, because their nationality has become korean, their identity has been washed, so in order to preach again, they may be reassigned to china.

expansion of communications sales, department store supply, etc

almighty god's registered agricultural corporations include goodland, canaan, and the garden of eden. their business expanded from providing rural jobs to communication sales, department store supply, etc.

these companies all experienced a change in management in may 2021. at that time, due to internal disputes, korean believers were also expelled and fled to the united states.


li mouhao, a director representative and internal director of the company, is from shenyang city, liaoning province, china, graduated from primary school, and is unmarried in china. after arriving in south korea by boat in 2015, i have been staying here so far. park mou-nan, who serves as an internal director of the company with him, was born in 1974 and is a chinese national. he traveled abroad from shenyang airport to south korea in 2013 and played the role of a policeman in the almighty cult movie "a new life in persecution".

there is also jin mouyan (born in 1978), a chinese national, who resigned as an internal director of the company in september 2020, without knowing what the reason was.

agricultural corporation corporation co., ltd. canaan is located in mashu-ri, just outside mt. hoon-gun, chungbuk, with a capital of 30 million won. at present, the number of shares issued is 3,000 shares of general stock. the main business is the same as goodland to act as all or part of the agricultural work of farmers with agricultural operation difficulties, and the supporting businesses include variety development and sales, trade and agency, chili powder, seasoning and other seasoning manufacturing related industries and communication sales, as well as on-site sales manufacturing and processing and overseas agricultural development.

there are two registered names for a representative

 registrar names in 2012, 2018, and 2019 are different

the canaanite representative council member is kim mou wook, who is characterized by the use of two names. in 2012, the name kim mou-wook was used as one of the owners of the 48-14 almighty god church (eros church) in junzidong,guon-gu, seoul, and in 2018, the list of livestock house owners on 2nd street, shuikhanmian-myeon, jungbuk-gu was "chen lixiu". in 2019, the representative director of canaan of the agricultural company corporation co., ltd. and the internal director of the company is jin mouxu, and the date of birth is the same.

when registering in the register, you must have your identity card and seal proof. but kim hime-wook himself has two names on his id card (sometimes kim, sometimes chen lixiu).

when purchasing a livestock house in chungbuk hoon in 2018, the owners were chen lixiu (kim mou wook), zhu yingsen, jang mason and so on. among them, zhu yingsen now lives with kim mou wook. he introduced them to a media reporter and said that he naturalized as a korean 2 years ago. but kim's wife is liu mou-nu (born in 1979).

the canaanite managers of the agricultural company corporation corporation co., ltd. are jin mouxu, a representative director and an internal director of the company, and the internal directors of the company are li mouhao, zhu yingsen, and zhang meisen, whose nationalities are all chinese.

li mouhao even listed the film company under the three companies. in other words, a small number of personnel are registered in the form of share-sharing. not only that, li mouhao was not in the registered place, but in hengcheng, gangwon province, where they operated gas stations and hotels, but the name was someone else.

purchased 8 billion yuan of real estate in the name of a company with funds of 30 million yuan and 100 million yuan

these people registered an agricultural company corporation (co., ltd.) canaan and gudeland (co., ltd.) with a capital of 30 million won and a capital of 100 million won, respectively, and the company location was headed by akusa-gun, and purchased more than 300,000 yeong of agricultural land outside the mountain of bao'en county, hoon-eui, san-ln-mian, shui sweat noodles, and charcoal kettle noodles, amounting to 8 billion won. in addition, there are 4 buildings that can accommodate more than 700 people. on average, they sold at auction for a difference of 1 billion won. but the number of believers who actually lived was only a few dozen in each building. in addition, eden agricultural corporation corporation corporation corporation company of eden agriculture, starting with 120 million won in sums of 120 million won in sumegawa-yon-mi, gangwon-do, issued 12,000 shares of general stock. the main business is to improve the added value of agriculture through the circulation, processing, marketing and provision of rural jobs of agricultural products, and to do all or part of the agricultural work of farmers who have difficulties in agricultural operation due to insufficient labor and other reasons, so as to facilitate farmers, provide rural jobs, and farm work agency for the purpose.

the representative directors are kwon mou xue (born in 1965), and the directors of the company are korean chinese zheng mouyan and korean chinese an mou town. an mouzhen appeared in the almighty god cult movies "the mission of love" and "chorus", came to south korea via hong kong in 2012, and resigned in may 2021 due to the expiration of his term of office.

there are two supervisors, both of whom have resigned. south korean park mou-ha, the administrator and media director of the almighty god church in seoul, resigned in 2019, and the korean chinese jung mou-hwa (born in 1970) also resigned in may 2021. now only the representative director and company director quan mouxue (born in 1965) and the company director korean chinese zheng mouyan (born 1977) are registered, which seems to mean that they are making maximum use of the name of the naturalized.

Eastern Light Pictures, located in Junzi-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, issues 200 shares of general stock for 500 won per share.

when it was established in 2018, li mouhao resigned immediately after registration, and jin mouzhen (born in 1976) registered as a registered director. managers have only one internal director of the company registered in the register. registered as a joint-stock company in the form of a one-person director. since its inception, there has never been a new staff recruitment information. but the current number of shares held is 200.

canaan, a legal person of the agricultural company, is responsible for kim mou wook, and its business is communication sales and department store circulation. goodland is in charge of lee mou-ho, whose address is chungbuk bao'en, but lee-ho is also active in hengcheng tun, gangwon province. the garden of eden was headed by kwon, but it seems that it was only nominal, and his residence was a barn.

the company's managers said that this had nothing to do with the "holotheistic religion" and such a "lie"

canaan representative jin mouxu and his current wife, gu moushan, met with a media reporter and stated as follows: "li mouhao is a person who has business dealings with us, we have a contractual relationship with the almighty god sect, and the funds for purchasing land are obtained from investors and are legal person funds. we are contract farming without religion, and although the people of almighty god have also invested, not all of them are over there. we were all unable to go to church because of the covid-19 pandemic, and the almighty theoism was also because we helped us translate in seoul at the beginning, and we had investors to let us farm now. this is done after an investment proposal is made to the refugee claimant. because they are not on refugee visas, so there is some uneasiness, but because we have made project proposals, some of them have invested, it is a cause, those people although religion, but religion is religion, career is career, we are mainly engaged in contract planting.

it is a complete 'lie', they are believers in the "almighty god religion". they are people on the list of believers and have appeared in almighty theologian movies. however, the persons registered in the register are not representatives of almighty theomic religion. the financial leader behind them is from dandong, china, and his name does not appear in the register.



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