"A hardcore defender of 'Satanism' and 'Almighty God'" MASSIMO INTROVIGNE

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“A hardcore defender of 'Satanism' and 'Almighty God'... ” Identity of MASSIMO INTROVIGNE ▪ Massimo Introvin  ㅡ Active in books and lectures related to 'Satanism'.

Italian religious scholar Massimo Introvigne (65), who has defended the cult [The Church of Almighty God] for decades, has accused the Satanist Marina Abramovic Is the "Satanist" (he has been revealed to have defended and supported the "cult") Satan worshipers; the Church of Satan.

He has published several books as well as a book called "Satanism: A Social History" and has been supporting and introducing "Satanism".

One Satanist who read his book said: "There is a lot to like here, and all in all, Introvigne's book is by far the best, most detailed, and broadest overview of Satanism." (There's a lot to like here. A place to pray, in short, 'Massimo Introvin's book is the best, most detailed, and most expressive view of Satanism), and wrote a book review praising it, while another Satanist wrote, " Dio li fa e poi li accoppia. Solo che forse in questo caso, Dio c'entra poco. "God _ _ _ further strengthens the negation.

▲The last Massimo INTROVIGNE and CAG Group press conference in 2017 (Photo source: CAG website)

The topics of Massimo Introvigne 's 'Satanism' lectures are: "Modern Satanism - Dienstsocioloog, the God of Razin", "Satan the Musician", "Un SAGGIO_ La Stirpe di Dracula", etc. The content is an introduction to Satanism And widely publicize "Satanism".

The devil-worshiping "Satanism" is troublesome even in the "anti-Christian" America of the sect of Almighty God. Some authors point out that there are 450 verifiable "Satanic groups" in the United States alone.

A few years ago, "Satanism" as a kind of "Satanicism" promoted the opening of "Satan Clubs" in public elementary schools to counter the extracurricular activities of conservative Christianity.

In Korea, there is also a "Korean Satanism" in Gwanak-gu, Seoul. They usually translate "Satanism" related materials from English and American countries into Korean and share them with members. Each group has a slightly different name, but they worship Satan as a single god and deny the Christian worldview and teachings. There is also an organization called "Korean Satanism".

In 2012 , an Internet cafe called "Baphogyo Club of Baphomet" opened for business.

They usually operate privately. In fact, after some inquiries, I went to visit Korea's first "Satanism", but it was a family home in an apartment complex. It's just that the small community is running a campaign online in the form of a club.

"Satanism" worships the devil, the fallen angel Lucifer or Satan. They are generally characterized by ① secrets, ② hatred of Christianity, and ③ celebration of black mass. ④ I believe in the existence of Satan.

Interestingly, Yang Xiangbin, a cult (Church of Almighty God) worshiping China but now a US citizen, and her husband Zhao Weishan are both Christ and high priest.

Massimo Introvigne advocates for "extremism", defending and supporting the gang that kills at McDonald's in Zhaoyuan, China's Shandong province. Massimo Introvigne has actually been supporting "cults" for decades, which is in line with the interests of both cult groups.

He is currently the editor-in-chief of Bitter Winter, a media outlet used by the fake refugee organization The Church of Almighty God.



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