In an emergency, the Church of Almighty God in South Korea has recently defected, and the believers inside are panicked!

Author: admin-South Korea 【 Reserved 】 来源: 종교와진리 2021-12-13

The Church of Almighty God maliciously used unfavorable identity loopholes to coerce it on the grounds of being included in the "national blacklist" to prevent believers within the church from defecting.

On September 14 this year, a YouTube channel called Crossroad News uploaded a video of "Almighty God, a heretic cult more terrifying than the new crown epidemic." Three young people, including Chi Heng (male, 21 years old), Xiaoying (female, 22 years old), and Cheng Xin (male, 31 years old), confided that they had escaped from South Korea’s "Almighty God". They frankly said it was a "nightmare."

Only one video was uploaded on the channel where the video was uploaded. The people who left the message were all foreigners. It was surprising that they spoke Korean.

Those who left South Korea’s "Almighty God" (Almighty God, Eastern Lightning, CAG) group and went to the United States to establish the "American Church of Almighty God" also operated a YouTube channel for activities. However, as the channel ceased, they could not see their activities, but a few months later, other breakaways exposed internal malpractices and resumed their activities.

It does not show who is running the channel, information, and data. It is not certain whether they are in South Korea or another country. In addition, since there is no direct report of the detached person, the identity is not clear. If you look at the content, you can only speculate that the escape of Almighty God followers is gradually becoming a reality and operability. In a closed cult group, this phenomenon is encouraging anyway, so it is worth paying attention to. 

"There are many believers living in the farm. In the severe case of the new crown epidemic, there are also people on the farm who often cough, as well as people who have fever due to a cold."

But he said: "There is no doctor on the farm, and I don't know if it is infected with the virus. The sick believers are all kept in small rooms. After isolation, only a small amount of water and food are provided and they are allowed to pray by themselves."

He also said: "The church prohibits the use of mobile phones, contact with family members, and no going out."

He also said: "The churches select strong young believers for unpaid labor. The believers are dissatisfied with this, but they dare not resist, because they are refugees."

It is said that believers without any experience are arranged to cook, wash dishes, and take care of vegetables in the restaurant of the farm. They "want to go back to their hometown but dare not return".

He also said: "During the process of helping believers apply for refugee visas, the Almighty Religious Group deceives believers by recording various false resumes or deceiving them, so that they realize that they have been included in the national blacklist (list of dangerous persons that need to be monitored)."

For these reasons, some people want to escape but cannot escape.

"The activities of believers working in mountain villages such as Boeun, Chungbuk and Gangwon Province, except for commuting to farms and dormitories, are completely isolated from the outside world. They have no right to shop at all, and can only buy living materials purchased by the church."

Someone revealed: "After I came to South Korea, I was assigned to an engineering team, and then to a farm. I worked in the field for 10 hours a day and worked non-stop every day."

He said: "I think that if you make a mistake, you will be rudely accused by the team leader, group leader, and other members of the church, and you will not treat yourself as a believer or treat them as a believer."

Because "because of its refugee status, the church treats itself as cheap labor, oppressing and controlling itself."

He said: "Sometimes he went to bed very late, and he was suddenly awakened to request unloading." (I often encounter such things) I gradually developed a sense of disgust and rejection in my heart, and felt that he was a scam group. He said frankly: "The Church of Almighty God does not treat us as normal people."

Others threatened to say: "Threatening to send themselves to a Chinese prison, not only themselves, but also their family members may be affected." Because they are afraid that even their family members are in danger, they can only restrain their actions and try to avoid contact with the church. Managers are in conflict.

It is said that because the farm is located in a remote village and there are no specialized doctors, if they get sick, they will ask someone with common medical knowledge in the church for treatment. Because "I'm afraid of being exposed by others, I'm worried about being exposed by others." A regular doctor cannot be called to the farm. "

One day, he said: "There was a patient who fainted due to a delay in the treatment of his illness." "Everyone speculated that the patient would die on the way to the hospital.

The above statement is detailed, with specific oral details.

The most important thing is the malicious abuse of the believer’s refugee status and the believer’s long-term depressed physical state, constantly instilling the fear of being arrested when they return to the country and being shot when they return home. Therefore, even if you have been away from home for so many years, it is still dangerous to go home. If you miss home privately, contact your family, or are not loyal to the church, you will be severely punished by church leaders. Such an operation is a serious anti-human behavior, and it is also the chief culprit that destroys the family and endangers the society, and is not ashamed of others. This reminds everyone not to be deceived by the lies of the cult.

This website is waiting for clues from survivors and those with plans in the future. We are willing to provide assistance within our capacity at any time, and we can contact you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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