Family breakdown, terrorism, and murder/cult criminal group advocate: Massimo Introvig

Author admin Reserved Դ Religion and Truth 2021-10-14

• Screenshot of the homepage of the SISR/ISSR academic conference

Massimo Introvigne (66 years old), director of the Research Center for Emerging Religions (CESNUR) in Italy (Italia) , learned that since 1987, he became interested in emerging religions in Korea. When he was 37 years old, he had written the article "Moon Sun-myung and Unification Church".

It is reported that the religious scholar is the founder and current representative of the "European Research Center for Emerging Religions (CESNUR) " and the editor of the "Human Rights" magazine " Bitter Winter " operated by the Chinese cult "Church of Almighty God" group .

From July 12th to 15th, the person held the 36th International Society for the Sociology of Religion online in Taiwan. After the event, he used it to promote the domestic heretical JMS group. Own means.

The reason is that among the 17 themes at the time, the column of emerging religions included "religious groups that practice building morality and equality" (the chief is a religious sociologist and former director of the Italian Institute of Religious Freedom, Massimo Introvigne was responsible for the publication, and was held by Dr. Cai Zhizhe in Humanities and Dr. Xu Shifu from National Taiwan University) introduced the doctrine and organizational culture of the JMS Christian Missionary Church.

Dr. Cai Zhizhe from Taiwan introduced the Christian Evangelical Mission (JMS), stating that "the founder Zheng Mingshi is "women and men are the same objects of love before God." From the perspective of the creator, women and men are "Equal"," the Holy Spirit of the Bible, as the creator, is the "mother of all souls" and has always emphasized the dignity of women. There is no gender restriction on the conditions for appointing clergy." This is in line with the Catholic theologian Rosma. Rosemary R. Ruether has always advocated that the roles and abilities of female clergy "depicted the Holy Spirit as the'mother' in the Catholic Foreign Classics" in the same line.

Dr. Tsai also said: "The reason why the Christian Missionary Church can grow in Taiwan in a short period of time is because it has resolved the issue of'gentlemen inequality' and resolved fixed religious social conflicts through new biblical truths."

The JMS Group stated on the above content, "Break the JMS glass ceiling. Create a culture of equality between men and women."

JMS leader Zheng Mingxi (transliteration) was sentenced to 10 years in prison for raping the goddess. It is also wrong to interpret the Holy Spirit as the "mother of the spirit", and the analogy of this to "equity of virtue and quantity" is itself non-biblical.

Massimo Introvigne published an article "Pornography and Sexual Revolution" in 1983 when he was 33 years old. He added magical movement, New Century, Islam, Irumina to Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Satanism, and psychic art. Di and Zion Order, Nostradamus, Da Vinci Code, Draculas Lineage, Primason and Secrets, etc. Other heretical religions have always claimed to be alternative religions or new religions. Most of them are cult groups that have broken up families, murdered people, goddesses are also sexual violence, terrorist attacks, doomsday fraud... etc. They have a bad influence on society and committed crimes, but he I have been ignoring these, insisting on acting as a forward in heresy and heretical groups.

• Massimo Introvigne visited the Ruzhou headquarters seal of the "Dashun Jinli Club" after the end of the "First World Symbiosis Forum" (Photo: Daxun Newspaper Issue 203)

His insidious black hand also spread to the heretical cult groups Almighty God (Church of Almighty God, Eastern Lightning, CAG), Falun Gong, Xintiandi, Daxun Truth Society, JMS (Christian Gospel Mission), etc., which are active in Korea. This has been concentrated since he started holding hands with Almighty God Sect activities. Visit the Daxun Truth Society in 2018, and support Xintiandi in 2020. After he came to Korea, he seemed to look for heretics and counterfeit syndicates everywhere.

Faith is not only a believer, but in the eyes of people without faith, it should also be a sacred realm. However, if religion is organized into a criminal group like a secret association, or it uses scheming to defraud believers property, or forces women or young people to make money and expand their religious power, or the punishment of believers is presumed to be cruel, cruel, or mass murder. Crime, or the breakdown of the family, plunges life into an abyss, then these are all degenerated into a criminal group, not a religion.

Massimo Introvigne wears the mask of a religious scholar, cleverly taking advantage of and helping the sickness of society and the weakness of the cult group, acting as an accomplice and pursuing personal gain.



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