Due to "Almighty God" suffering for 3 years, noise harassment... "If you feel noisy, sell your house and leave."

Author adm-South Korea Reserved Դ Religion and Truth 2021-09-30

▪ The residents of Boeun County suffered three years of suffering due to the noise of the "Almighty God" group, and they complained of being victimized.

▪ When the police and county officials were dispatched upon receiving the complaint, they hid inside and pretended to be quiet

▪ Pretend to not understand Korean and use Chinese to cope with your own disadvantage

▪ The "Almighty God" believer Kim and his wife clamored: "Sell the house and leave if you find it troublesome"...

▪ The believers show off that they have long been naturalized

Next to the village in Baekseok-ri, north of Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, lies the factory of the Chinese cult "Almighty God" group.

Beginning in 2018, neighbors were harassed by noise throughout the day and night, and they were so weak that they were taking medicine for gastritis.

I want to live a quiet life away from the noise and noise, but I can't do it anyway. Since the other party is an uncertain Chinese, once he commits a crime, he has nowhere to complain. Therefore, for several years, no matter how painful he is, he can only swallow his breath and quietly swallow the pain into his stomach. But these cult followers are becoming more arrogant, arrogant, and defiant.

There is no endurance, no need to endure. The suffering villagers finally summoned their courage and lodged a complaint with the Boeun County Government and Police Station. There are as many as 6 appeal items. Respectively,

1.Noise harassment. The noise of repairing cars, washing cars, and practicing driving excavators prevented the villagers from falling asleep.

2.Air pollution. The windows cannot be opened due to dust caused by passing vehicles.

3.It is required to build a soundproof wall. Due to wanton excavation of the land, there is a danger of houses collapsing.

4.Groundwater pollution. A large number of fish and frogs died due to water pollution.

5.Violation of farming laws. Due to the long-term shelving of farmland, the farmland is overgrown with grass.

6.Violation of epidemic prevention regulations. Dozens of people work without masks. 

The Boeun County Government accepted the petition

This year, the Boeun County government finally accepted the public grievance application.

However, as soon as government officials who received public grievances were dispatched, the followers of the "Almighty God" hid inside, locked in the gates, and government personnel were not allowed to enter the base at all. The followers of the "Almighty God" cult clearly speak Korean, but they pretend not to understand Korean and use Chinese to deal with it.

The author tried to ask questions in Korean at the scene, but the believers pretended not to understand, and hurriedly hid in the base.

The villagers collectively went to the government hall of Bao'en County to apply for administrative measures to government personnel, and even expressed strong protest.

The land here is a base purchased by the "Almighty God" in the name of the agricultural corporation Ganaan. Large vehicles enter and exit the factory day and night, where believers practice excavator driving, repair vehicles, and wash cars.

Affected residents are taking stomach medicine

Because believers are not proficient in driving skills, they often make loud noises when they practice driving excavators. As a result, the villagers thought that a major accident had occurred, and ran out of the house in a hurry.

Some villagers suffer from gastritis due to long-term noise harassment and are taking drugs.

In Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province, Boeun County, Chungcheongbuk Province, and other parts of South Korea, there are Korean followers of the "Almighty God" cult. They often proudly show off: "I have become a Korean citizen."

The related construction of Almighty God has not been filed with the competent authority

Hundreds of Korean followers in China gave up their Chinese nationality, abandoned their families, came to South Korea and joined South Korean nationality. After these people were naturalized to South Korea, they still promoted the "Almighty God" cult and continued to undermine social stability and family harmony. The "Almighty God" cult in South Korea is dominated by these naturalized Korean followers, engaged in the purchase of real estate, land, and mountains.

Resident representatives meet with county affairs office officials to express their appeals

Jin Mouxu, a member of the "Almighty God" cult, boasted to the villagers in the name of the president that this was the land purchased in the name of his cousin and paid a huge amount of property tax. He was clearly a believer of the "Almighty God" cult, but he told the villagers that he was the president.

Among the followers of the Korean "Almighty God" cult, there are many who have joined the Korean nationality. They have not yet integrated into Korean society and culture. This is because they came to Korea to promote the "Almighty God" cult and to expand the cause of the "Almighty God" cult. Many believers destroy other people's families, abandon their own family members, and ran away to South Korea.

After the "Almighty God" cult group from China came to the South Korean countryside, it launched a monetary offensive against the innocent and kind villagers to calm people's hearts. It also met with the local chief (village chief) alone, dines, and even bribed local officials in disguise. In many places, the "Almighty God" cult tries to maintain its reputation.

The "Almighty God" cult also repeated the same trick in Boeun County, Chungcheongbuk Province, trying to please the villagers and the head of the village by purchasing farmland, mountains, and private houses at a price much higher than the market price. But all ended in failure.

Almighty God believers at work

Now, the followers of the "Almighty God" cult rooted in the northern part of Boeun County actually used their computers to openly shout to the local villagers: "What is the value of the house? If it is too noisy, the seller will leave. We will buy it at a high price."

This is simply "unreasonable"!

Facing this kind of "Almighty God Religion" status quo, the relevant government and police in South Korea should always manage and supervise. We should also consider working with relevant Chinese departments to weaken and eliminate the bad influence of "Almighty God" in South Korea.



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