The heretical "Almighty God" from China flows into South Korea on a large scale, South Korea and China jointly cope with the inevitable

Author: adm-South Korea 【 Reserved 】 来源: 한국무역신문_팩트체크 2021-09-10

The fact that the heretical "Almighty God Sect (CAG)" originating in China has flowed into South Korea on a large scale has recently been exposed.

When the new crown pneumonia epidemic broke out last year, the domestic cult Xintiandi's missionary activities in Wuhan, China and other places were made public, which caused social problems.

Similarly, the Almighty Protestantism known as the Xintiandi of China is flowing into South Korea.

The Sect of Almighty God is a cult founded in 1989 by Zhao Weishan (62 years old) who was born in the shouting school of the Chinese heretical church.

It is reported that they advocate doomsday theory and force believers to obey. And there are also testimonies around that, if you do not follow yourself, it is inevitable that you will not hesitate to engage in indiscriminate violence.

It is speculated that there are about 5 million followers of Almighty God in China alone.

In the Asian circle, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan are establishing base areas. Although their influence has spread to the United States and Canada, the number of believers is still unclear.

In order to formally preach, Almighty God purchased a 5-story building in Guro-dong, Seoul, and established the Korean headquarters.

The followers of Almighty God have turned their attention to South Korea, where visa-free entry is possible. According to the Ministry of Entry-Exit Foreigners Policy, the number of refugee applicants has soared from 1,574 in 2013 to 15,452 in 2019, a nearly 10-fold increase.

If you apply for refugees, you can stay in Korea for 6 months. In addition, even if the refugee application loses, it will take 4 to 5 years to pass the High Court and the Supreme Court to make a final judgment.

In this way, it is estimated that there are about 2,000 Almighty God followers staying in South Korea. They are currently buying youth hostels and other buildings in Hoengseong, Pyeongchang, and Boeun, Chungbuk, and living a collective life. The collective infection of new coronary pneumonia is also worrying.

Abusing the refugee law to avoid visas to enter Jeju Island. He entered Seoul only 3 days after applying for refugees. An almighty believer who has lived in South Korea for several years said: "Thousands of people are still carrying out refugee lawsuits", "There will be more in the future." More almighty believers come to Korea."

A person in charge of the China Phoenix News Agency said: "The Chinese government has defined Almighty God as a cult organization that caused social chaos and issued a mass arrest warrant. However, because they fled to South Korea and other foreign countries to act as a divination organization, It is not easy to arrest."

In addition, he also urged: "South Korean churches with contradictory doctrines should actively come forward, communicate with relevant people in the Chinese churches, and cooperate to deal with heretics." victim".



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