The CAG Group, which disrupted the land transaction market in Hoengseong-gun, South Korea, bought about 70,000 pyeong of real estate, including hotels and gas stations.

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Following Boeun County, Chungbuk, all land in Tunnee, Hoengseong County, Gangwon Province was also swallowed up by the cult Almighty God Church (Eastern Lightning) group.

Purchase about 70,000 ping Hengcheng land

With their collective dormitory "Utopia Youth Hostel" in Tunnei as the center, they bought about 70,000 square meters of land in Huadongli, Shimenli, and Luqiao area woodlands, fields and family houses. According to the opinions of nearby residents, hotels and gas stations are also operating. 

Villagers in Huadongli

The buyer buys in the name of an agricultural legal person or a believer. From the perspective of some individuals, a 36-year-old Chinese born in 1985 rented a multi-family house near the Wenshui Church in Gongdong, Seoul, and bought a field worth hundreds of millions of won. This may violate the real-name real estate law.

 Visit hotels and gas stations...Chinese Korean employees are sensitive

The reporter interviewed villagers in Huadongli, Tunnei-myeon, Hengcheng County.

"The people there were completely locked up and put under control."

"The residents of the community cannot pass through that road, nor can they enter. Outsiders will not be allowed in."

(At the end of the village, woodland, fields, and farmers all purchase Man Ping to build their own world. Entry and exit are strictly prohibited.)

"Since last year, concrete (remicon, cement or concrete mixer) vehicles and 5-ton dump trucks have frequently entered and exited. Now every day, gravel and sand are brought in."

"The 5-ton truck entered with rubbish, avoiding the surveillance of wildfire monitors, and not burning rubbish every night. Black smoke filled the sky, and the smell spread to the whole village."

"The stream in the clean area is full of bubbles, and fish, loach, and frogs are floating.

"They are also lawless on rural roads. On the road, when vehicles meet each other, they have to reverse and drive wide. These people will only drive the truck forward and will not reverse. Therefore, sometimes they feel depressed because they are not allowed to drive. Yelling. Its also a question of whether you have a license when driving a truck."

"Even if I told the county government, I came and left after seeing it."

"The epidemic prevention is also done by myself. The staff of the health center cannot enter either."

"They even run the hotel and the gas station next to it."

Go straight to the hotel. The call bell was kept ringing in the hall, but the staff did not come out. Go to the next gas station and ask the staff (Chinese Korean) if you know. (The residents even said that the hotel and gas station are run by them.)

Denying that they are not followers of Almighty God in the land of Almighty God

"Is there no one in the hotel?"

"There will be. There are people inside."

"Did it buy hotels and gas stations from the Chinese cult Almighty God Group that bought youth hostels?"

"There is no such thing. The owner of the gas station is us."

"I heard it was acquired from the Almighty Protestant Group?"

"Not at all. We have no reason to tell you. But why do you ask?"

(I know the'Almighty God'. The reaction is sensitive.)

"I want to know if there is any connection with the cult in China."

"Absolutely not."

Then, a staff member hurriedly drove a gray car to somewhere.

How does the gas station staff know the situation of the hotel? It also showed a sensitive response to issues related to hotel operations.

The part about the hotel is not "don't know", but "unconditionally not".

Taking off the copy of the register, the famous doctors are different. However, the surrounding residents said they were indeed buying and operating. Among the gas station staff are Chinese Koreans, and among the hotel guests are Chinese.

Judging from the places purchased by the Almighty Belief Group, most of the family houses in Huadongli, Shimuli, and Zaqiaoli are close to the plastic greenhouse workshop, and more than 10 believers live together.

If you ask "Eastern Lightning, believers of the Church of Almighty God, right?", they will prevaricate and say no.

"Is the family here?"


"So, are your family members all Almighty God believers?"

"No, why do you investigate this way?"

"Why destroy other people's families and bring harm to others?"

The believers secretly took photos in the cracks in the doors on the first and second floors, or there were Korean women in some places, and told them not to come out, and some returned directly after spotting the author while parking.

I thought it would be sold to Koreans, but as soon as the contract was signed, the Chinese appeared, in their own name.

It is said that somewhere in Huadongli, Tunnei, purchased in the name of a Chinese individual, originally thought that the seller would sell it to a Korean, but the Chinese appeared after the contract was signed. Because there are always problems, Koreans are only allowed to come forward when signing a contract, and registration may be done in the name of a Chinese.

Because Seoul people came to work in agriculture, the Chinese appeared after signing the contract to collect the money.

They exercise rights or claim ownership in their own name. Near the Almighty Protestant Group in Gongdong, Seoul, a Korean man born in 1985 who lived in a single room on the second floor of a multi-family house bought 500 million won of land. It should be investigated whether it violates the real-name system law of real estate.

▶ 10 coping strategies

Be wary of the believers of Almighty God from outside

 Visit the place purchased by the Almighty Protestant Group in Tunnei-myeon of Hengcheng County. As long as you see a residential building, it is a dormitory. If there are illegal stayers among them, it is to provide accommodation for the infirm and hide them, which violates the "Foreigners Control Law."

Investigate whether it violates environmental pollution. The stream water in the pure village of the country is used as groundwater and agricultural water. If huge garbage is burned and the water is polluted, it cannot but be said to be a problem.

Unidentified people wore black clothes and patrolled the community at night, causing psychological anxiety to the residents and disrupting normal life.

Do you provide labor-compliant examples to the believers of the Almighty Religious Group and let them work? It should be observed whether the labor is exploited for unpaid labor.

Not actively assisting in the prevention of the new crown epidemic, not cooperating with investigations by personnel, and failing to report accurately. What's impossible in China is being recklessly done in other countries, South Korea.

South Korean land falls into the hands of foreigners, which in itself may constitute a threat to homeland security, a threat to national security, and a fundamental danger to shake the country. And this will also become an excuse for them to launder legally.

It is our territory! Can't make it, take the big dog out to demonstrate

The building of the training institute, the huge real estate, the hotel... The fact that the base fell into the hands of foreigners is itself a problem. This is the "country within a country". This is tantamount to building another country within the country. This is a problem.

The domestic cult has suffered huge losses. Fake refugees and illegal residents of overseas nationality are prohibited from entering and leaving life in a closed space. If the dissonance with the villagers continues to deteriorate, it may cause social chaos.

They are already developing their businesses as agricultural legal persons. If they lower the market unit price of the agricultural products they produce for trading, it may lead to economic chaos in the agricultural product market. If so, its losses will directly adversely affect the local farmers. The possibility of damage is great.

The expansion of Chinese cult power will not help South Korea-China relations either. Almighty Protestant facilities are not so much religious facilities as they are collective accommodation facilities for foreigners, and they are actively managed.



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