Believers of Almighty God church from China are denied asylum in Europe

Author: adm 【 Original 】 2021-09-02

This is a data on the asylum of the cult of Almighty God in Europe, and we deeply regret it.

In France, 280 of the 412 asylum applications were rejected and 103 departure orders were issued. There are 127 pending cases.

In Italy, 622 applications were filed, the most in Europe: 183 rejected and 419 pending cases.

In Germany, most applications were rejected: 242 of 285 applications were rejected. However, no one has received a departure order. There are nine pending cases.

In Spain, 200 asylum applications are still being processed.

Switzerland did not grant asylum to any of its 33 applicants, rejected 26 applications and issued 22 departure orders. Three of them were deported and five decided to leave the country. One of them returned to China. There are seven pending cases.

In the Netherlands, 26 applications were rejected and 19 departure orders were issued.

In Belgium, 12 members of the Church of Almighty God applied for asylum. Ten of them were refused asylum and received an order to leave. The other two cases are still pending.

In Sweden, two applicants received negative answers and the order of departure. A case is under trial.

In Greece, only 1 out of 44 refugees received asylum, and 6 received a negative reply. All other cases are pending. No one has been deported or received a departure order.

In Portugal, 4 out of 9 applications were rejected. However, no one received an expulsion order. Other cases are under trial.

The UK has rejected the only application it has received, but has not yet issued a departure order.

The Czech Republic, Finland and Austria received 42, 39 and 8 applications respectively. They are all up in the air.

Almighty God, the malignant tumor of a society, has long been recognized as a cult organization by the governments and religious institutions of many countries. This faction worships Yang Xiangbin, a mysterious woman known as the "female Christ," under the banner of Christianity, spreading their fallacies and heresies, which seriously endangers the healthy development of the Christian church and the normal order of society.

Almighty God has attracted attention because of the multiple alliances of Falun Gong and Islamic human rights radical groups involved in the mouthpiece media "Bitter Winter", and it has been illegally funded by Western politicians Massimo and other groups and defector groups.

In accordance with the relevant provisions of Article 1 (5), (6) (B), (6) (C) and other relevant provisions of Chapter One of the "Convention relating to the Status of Refugees" signed by the United Nations on July 28, 1951 in Geneva, the country’s rights and Obligated persons are excluded from eligibility for refugee claims.

In recent years, bewitched by Zhao Weishan, the leader of Almighty God, wave after wave of believers have gone to overseas countries to apply for political asylum on the grounds of "religious asylum", and they are always happy.

Although they have Chinese nationality and a complete family in China, they are eroded by cults, their human nature is indifferent, and they abandon their families and children. They are willing to become the cannon fodder for Western politicians to attack and discredit China abroad. We would like to remind those members of the Almighty God cult who have the luck to go abroad to apply for political asylum in overseas countries. There is no future for begging under the roof of others. It is the right way to go home and assume family responsibilities and return to society.

We hope that more people will realize the dangers of the cult of Almighty God, stay away from the rumors of Massimo Introvig and Holly Flk, so that more families will be awakened from harm.



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