The evil of land desertion lies in Almighty God's ignorance and fearlessness of the law!

Author adm-South Korea Reserved Դ Religion and Truth 2021-08-30

The apple and corn fields are "overgrown with weeds and are already deserted", and the contractor hasn't farmed for two years! Garbage is everywhere, the nearby environment is seriously polluted, and the local residents are panicked and angry!

It is reported that the apple orchard and corn field in Baekseok-ri, Boeun-gun, Chungbuk, where the "goodland agricultural company legal entity" of the "Almighty Protestant" is located, has not been cultivated for two years, as if it was maliciously occupying land.

Not only the land is left unused, but the grass is overgrown, and the surrounding area is not cleaned up. Garbage smell, big dogs, yelling day and night... and brightly lit

"Goodland Agricultural Co., Ltd." for "Almighty Protestantism"-concealed management, closed iron gates, no signs

The neighbor uttered his dissatisfaction angrily.

Mrs. "Jin Yixu" (a believer of Almighty God) introduced her husband as the president, and she asked me to call him the president.

President Jin Yixu asked the surrounding houses to be sold to him several times, but because he didn't feel good, he refused.

These people are too noisy. 

I went to protest, every time I changed people. Now there are about fifteen people, many times a lot. When I came out recently, many people saw it.

It is clearly stated that it is an agricultural legal person, but is engaged in machine repair work?

The noise is too loud, and the protest is useless. Pretentious, they are very strange.

Trucks come and go frequently. More often it is an extended version of the big truck.

Many strangers often show up, and they don't wear masks and don't have any anti-epidemic measures. This makes the local residents very uneasy due to the (new crown pneumonia).

In addition to not wearing masks, many of them have dirty shoes and many scars on their feet. It seems that he did not receive treatment.

These people didn't respond when they were shouted, and they didn't know what they were doing, like coolies, more like slavery, in short, they asked but didn't answer. In addition to the author, the greetings of nearby neighbors are the same. 

There is no registration as a maintenance station or an industrial company, but car repairs and agricultural machinery repairs are carried out day and night.

From 12 o'clock in the evening to 2 o'clock in the morning, the machine was turned on in the middle of the night, and people couldn't sleep when they heard the sound of work.

Large trucks leave mainly at 2 o'clock in the morning. Hearing that voice, everyone around was panicked and sad.

The author complained to the county government many times, but told me'don't open the door', so I turned around and left.

Since these people moved in in 2019, the surrounding apple fields and corn fields have been idle.

Apple corn field... The grass is full of waste.

In addition, there are garbage dumps nearby, and a lot of idle land. Over the past two years, the idle land has been overgrown with weeds and has long been abandoned.

Local residents said that they could not get close to the nearby land, but because it was their own land, many slopes collapsed, and the farmers could not manage it, and they were very anxious and haggard.

The slope does not allow us to dig, but because it is our own land, the slope will collapse.


"Goodland Agricultural Co., Ltd." was established on November 29, 2019. The industry is a crop cultivation support service industry, represented by "Li Zhenghao". He is also the president of the "Oriental Light Film and Television Company" of the "Almighty Protestant" group film company.

The believer "Jin Il Wook" seems to introduce the president as the representative president of the neighbors, who seems to be the responsible manager here. It is reported that he is of Chinese Korean ethnicity. At this stage, his family has immigrated to South Korea.

A believer of Almighty God, Jin Yixu

If the apple orchard, corn field, etc. are left unused in the surrounding land of Goodland Agricultural Corporation (strain) within 2 years, it is a violation of the Agricultural Land Law. The Agricultural Land Law stipulates that after acquiring the agricultural land, it must be directly cultivated, and a report must be made every year.

Abandoning land will shake the foundation of the people and cause losses to the country. This is a serious violation of the law. Even in order to prevent losses to Korean nationals, Boeun County, Chungbuk should conduct careful investigations.



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