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The dangerous almighty gods, using private land rights in South Korea to deny access to local residents.

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"Can't pass." No entry.

Block vehicles attempting to return and prevent vehicles from passing. This is a scene that local residents encounter on the road near the Almighty Church of the Gods in Gangwon Road, South Korea.


Almighty gods, who prevent residents from returning to their vehicles.

Along the end of the village of Huayuan on Jiangyuan Road, sidewalks and dirt roads, there are no more villages, only the homes of the "almighty gods" believers.

The road behind the hotel is rice fields and agricultural companies. Even in these places, "almighty gods" from China live there.

Accommodation for almighty believers.

Country buses can't get in, and there's certainly no rest here, it's a blind spot. There, the identity of the fake refugees and the believers of illegal residents shuttled back and forth between the nearby youth hostels, with no reports of transfers.

Red warning signs.

Along this road, a sign with a red warning sign was erected.

"I'm sorry. As the COVID-19 outbreak prevention and control, we ask for your cooperation. When entering, please call the contact number below..."

It can't go over any more. He parked his car for a moment, walked around, and a Shinto appeared.

Almighty deity personnel block the way into the mountain.

"This is our land, and you can't go any further." We agreed to go back.

It's a rice field, is there a mountain?

"What are you doing here?" he asked. "

I'm about to drive the car back.

Almighty believers block the front of the car.

He beeped and shouted, but he didn't turn off the intercom's shouting channel.

Almighty believers, who block vehicles and often report to someone on the intercom.

There, he contacted three young almighty gods, got out of the hotel and rushed along, followed by two 20-year-olds in front of the SUV. In an instant, our car was surrounded by five male devotees.

They yelled that we were spies, and called out to the village chief... This is a place where there are no more outsiders.

The police came and they came back smoothly.

Malicious blocking of roads can only be passed with permission from within the church...

This is in rural areas, where they often use "walkie-talkies" to report to church leaders and receive instructions and actions.

The office of an agricultural company is a house of believers.

On the rainy side of Gangan Road's Yokosuka County, their accommodation is in any village village. About 10 people went out to work around 4 or 5 a.m. and returned at 8 p.m.

Buy a country farmhouse and use it as a lodging, and register as the "Garden" Agricultural Company. A new rural farmhouse has been converted into a company office. The staff were very helpful to the outside world, but when they actually worked, they became a hidden place where no one could come near.

They set up agricultural companies in many areas.

They have used South Korea's refugee laws for long periods of time, mostly abandoning their Chinese families and leaving their homes without warning. After that there was no sound, and there was no way to confirm their life and death, which is a vicious way of working.

Among the believers, some have quietly returned to China.

The all-powerful Protestant opposition to the signature movement of the Church of The Gangwon Road Area.

It is the all-powerful godleaders who have taken advantage of the blind spots of the law to establish churches and settlements across the country, and in recent years have gradually opened agricultural companies to form "independent kingdoms" that are separated from government regulation and deny participation by the local population, making Korean society a disturbing risk factor.

That is why local churches in Jiangyuan Road have launched a signature campaign against China's "almighty godreligion".

This is only the beginning, and we believe that more people will join us in opposing the harm done to South Korea by the almighty god. Let the "Independence Kingdom" plot be completely debunked!

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