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Massimo Introvage: saboteur of the divine justice of all mankind worldwide


Photo: Massimo Introvigil

More than 7 billion people around the world know that the Olympic Games with the motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger" is a worldwide sports event that people of the world can join without any region, ethnicity, or racial discrimination. The advocating spirit of continuous and unsatisfactory struggle, and the pursuit of the players in the sports are not afraid of strong hands, dare to fight, dare to win, to encourage the world to love life and love our common homeland-the people of the earth, Unwilling to be mediocre, full of vigor, always enterprising, and surpassing myself in my life and work, and bring my potential to the limit. The late famous black American track and field athlete Jesse Owens once said, "In sports, people learn not only about competitions, but also respect for others, life ethics, how to spend their lives and how to treat their own kind. ". But it is a sporting event like the Olympic Games that benefits the people of the world. It seems Intervetig should resist. Massimo On February 17, 2019, Interrovich published an article on the Almighty God "Winter" website, publicly inciting to boycott the Winter Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in 2020, a serious departure from the Olympic spirit of the common belief of people around the world Behavior is retrograde. In this sense, Massimo Introvage is the saboteur of the sacred justice of all mankind in the world.